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Prince Harry gets engaged to Meghan Markle, does that make him #TeamSwirl?

Prince Harry is looking to join #TeamSwirl by adding some melanin to his royal family’s lineage. You already know Black folk across the globe are stupid hyped.

If you haven’t heard the news or you were somewhere hiding underneath a pebble this Monday, the Prince of Wales announced his engagement to actress Meghan Markle this morning.

Peep the royal glee

Yeah, this is really happening. We are about to have a Black princess y’all or duchess or whatever.

To us Blacks, it doesn’t matter what Markle’s royal British title is, because to us, all that matters is that she is about to be real Black royalty.

Plus, you already know Princess Diana would be proud. Especially since the gold band ring, Harry designed for his fiancee features a large Botswanian diamond and two smaller outer diamonds from Diana’s personal collection.

Something light for the kids

You know who else is proud? Markle’s parents. Harry made sure he reached out and got their approval. Just because you’re the Prince of Wales doesn’t mean that you can just scoop someone’s daughter, forever.

According to a statement released by the Kensington Palace, shortly after the engagement announcement, her father, Mr. Thomas Markle and her mother, Mrs. Doria Ragland said,

“We are incredibly happy for Meghan and Harry. Our daughter has always been a kind and loving person. To see her union with Harry, who shares the same qualities, is a source of great joy for us as parents.We wish them a lifetime of happiness and are very excited for their future together,” the statement ended.”

But wait, you have to check out Markle’s mama with the dreads flowing in the wind, hann!

How’s that for a mother in law, Harry? Too poppin’. But really though she did an amazing job raising Meghan.

Meghan has made it to a whole new level of #BlackExcellence. Meghan has made it to #BlackRoyalty…

She has secured that bag…

She has these white girls tiggidy tight…

She’s feeling to get the royal family turnt…

She has everyone on #BlackTwitter feeling extra good

Nothing can happen to Prince Harry and his newly announced fiancee Meghan Markle. We must protect them at all costs. Even after the wedding which takes place in spring 2018.

The two better get to work after that wedding and put a whole bunch of kids in that Nottingham Cottage. It has a lot of space for biracial angels.