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Precise dosing? How Snoop Dogg is helping to change the vape pen game

It wasn’t so long ago that the cannabis industry was labeled as taboo. That is no longer the case. In 2018, Canada became one of the first major countries to legalize recreational marijuana.

This created a domino effect in which several U.S. States followed suit. Now, investors are pouring money into the cannabis industry in hopes of seeing a major return.

The growth outlook for cannabis industry projects that global sales could hit $31.3 billion by 2022. That is ~$15 billion more than the 2019 projections of $16.9 billion, almost a 46% increase in only 3 years.

There are major players seeking out a stake in this industry, and one of these players happens to be a Snoop Dogg backed VC firm known as Casa Verde Capital.

One particular venture that Casa Verde Captial injected their funds into is a vape pen company called Indose. What makes Indose different than any other vape pen company on the market? They are currently in a race for what has been labeled “the Holy Grail” of the cannabis industry: precise dosing.

There has never been a standard dosage for THC consumption as each consumer has a varying level of tolerance. However, with Indose’s $70 device, there is a practical way of discovering what a consumer’s tolerance is.


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The device has sensors and small lights that allows a user to control how much THC has been consumed. It measures in levels of 0.5 milligrams, maxing out at 3 milligrams, which is the high end of a typical hit from a vape pen. Benzi Ronen, the CEO of the Woodland Hills, California-based company says that,

“We’re not for the person who wants to get stoned. This is for the person who wants that sweet spot for the situation they’re in.”

Users will be able to test their tolerance and find their comfort level when it comes to consuming cannabis.

Having tremendous potential, Casa Verde Captial invested $3.5 million into the company, which only sells its product in California dispensaries. With such a large investment, it is apparent that they will be ramping up production to expand and grow throughout the United States.

“Every consumer should want to know what their precise dose is. It’s not something that’s only for the novice” says Karan Wadhera, managing partner of Casa Verde.

Such a product could disrupt the cannabis industry as it caters specifically to the needs and convenience of the consumer. This could one day be comparable to other disruptors such as Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb to name a few.

Whether or not Indose’s product will be a hit or not is yet to be determined. You can find out more by peeping the video below and visiting their website.


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