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Power Couple Alert: How Russell Wilson and Ciara are planning to take over Hollywood

As if winning a Super Bowl and a Grammys wasn’t enough, the power couple of Russell Wilson and Ciara have teamed up together to launch a new TV, film and digital production company.

Carrying the name of their youth-empowerment Why Not You Foundation, Why Not You Productions is a company that will focus on creating film, television and digital content projects that will include, “inspiring and aspiring narratives and human interest stories,” according to the press release.


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Family! #SigningDay @Seahawks

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Ciara is no stranger to the creative process, as she is a singer, dancer, and overall artist. However, this platform will also give Russell Wilson a chance to show off his creative chops. He says,

“When people look at me, I hope they don’t just see a football player. I hope they see a person who is innovative and creative, someone who builds something from nothing.”

Taking a page out of LeBron James’ business endeavors, Russell Wilson wants to show that he is more than an athlete. What better partner to have than his wife Ciara to grow and expand this media venture. In their press release, they described their partnership as,

“While we work in different fields in our day-to-day, we are excited to come together to collaborate and create stories that we hope will touch people’s lives. We are both storytellers at heart and we want to be able to share stories that uplift people and inspire others to create positive change. That’s ultimately what we want this company to represent.”

Russell is fresh off his recent contract extension where he signed a four-year, $140 million extension with a $65 million signing bonus, making him the highest-paid player in the NFL. He is now motivated than ever.


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SEATTLE. Let’s get it. @Seahawks #GoHawks

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Wilson adds, “For us, we want to be able to create, create, create.” And create they shall. Props to Ciara and Russell Wilson on the power moves.