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Positive vibes only: 5 social trends we should drop going into 2020

In the last decade, several phenomena have arisen. We’ve gained a lot of technological resources and social media tools but we haven’t always used them for the best reasons.

We may be evolving as a society but there are some things we just need to stop doing ASAP.

This is your 2020 list of things we should leave in the last decade:

Cancel Culture

As much as societal pressures can be a deterrent to certain negative behaviors, sometimes the pitchforks are a bit overkill. Sure you should know certain things are bad an inexcusable but some missteps require education, not alienation.

For instance, let’s avoid canceling kids and teens. They can exhibit terrible behavior but most of the time you can still swoop in, condemn that behavior and make it a teachable moment.

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Tearing down fellow women

Ladies this one is for us. In 2020 let’s work on that internalized misogyny. No more shitting on other women (and this includes trans women you Terfs) for their body choices or their life choices.

It’s one thing to disagree and have a discussion about it, it’s another to seek to humiliate one another. So no more “pick me” posts that put down other women and no more victim-blaming.

If you’re tired of men tearing you down, you should be able to look to other fellow women to support you. And white women, make sure your feminism is intersectional and when you’re told it’s not, do better.

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Retweet Activism

Don’t get me wrong Social Media Activism is essential to get out the message this day and age. But if all you do is retweet then move on to the next crisis then you’re part of the problem.

We all get desensitized to the slew of horrible things happening around the world. So the best way to make a difference is to start small and start local.

Pick an issue in 2020 and get involved at your local activist organization. If you don’t know where to go, start with your own group of friends and acquaintances. Do some research, get informed and ask them to get together to discuss the issue and what next steps you can take to make a difference.

social trends 2020 3

Glorifying Terrible People

Yeah, we may have already failed a bit with this one so far but we’re getting better. There are WAY fewer people infatuated with the murderous character will in Netflix’s YOU.

Probably thanks to Penn Badgley’s constant reminder that he plays an irredeemable murderer. And so far it seems like the glorification of Trump is limited to the GOP, so good job?

But seriously, glorifying ethically terrible people and justifying it because they’ve accomplished something else that you’d like to achieve is not the wave. That means no more boot-licking on rich people just cause they got the funds.

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Mental health and self-care definitely saw a rise during the end of the 2010 decade but there’s still more to do. Whether you need to say no to popping out to events or just get some more rest, do it.

Take care of yourself so that you can have all the resources and health to reach your goals. Create a regular weekly or even daily routine to check in with yourself and check out from the rest of the world for a while. There’s a long decade ahead.

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