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Positive Instagram accounts reminding us about the good of scrolling

Humanity is at a code red, Afghanistan is in turmoil, the list goes on… Social media used largely as an escape from the everyday world, highlights these unfortunate events but where can find positive Instagram accounts to help us reset?

When you’re not feeling the best mentally about what’s going on in the world, here are some Instagram pages that are sure to bring some joy and restore some faith in humanity.

Middle East Archive is the prime example of what a positive Instagram account looks like

Middle East Archive, is an Instagram photography page part of Nour Magazine, “an independent media platform that sheds light on the beauty and diversity of MENA (the Middle East and North Africa).”

The Arab world has been a victim of gross orientalism for centuries and then seen as a scary war zone, stricken with poverty and violence, post 9/11.

The page highlights the Middle East that the media doesn’t show, in the most beautiful humanistic way.

Images of people having fun, couples in love, fashion, and retro nostalgia from the past change the western narrative of the Arab world.

The archive also differentiates different countries of the MENA region, not lumping them into one collective group, bashing oriental stereotypes of what Arab or North African looks like.

Give them a follow to get a glimpse of history through aesthetic photography.

Laugh while you scroll on Instagram with these comedy queens on your feed

One of the greatest aspects to come out of social media is comedy. Here are some creatives to give a follow if you’re looking for a laugh with a lot of personalities.


Munera, a Somali, Muslim creator, is one of the comedy supremes on TikTok, with 6.3 million followers. With such a large following she decided to also branch out onto Instagram, giving Instagram users not only the same great comedy but also a look into her personal life on her stories.

Munera, and her sisters who feature in a majority of her videos, give a refreshing take to the comedy world of the internet.

They’re able to dominate comedy trends in their own way, giving a light hearted and wittiness to their videos everyone is sure to love.

They’re able to dominate comedy trends in their own way, giving a light hearted and wittiness to their videos everyone is sure to love.

Nadirah P.

Another female Black comedian is Nadirah P, who’s main platform is Instagram. Nadirah is a stand up comedian not afraid to talk about a variety of issues.

“Nobody else wants to talk about it, so I have to talk about it,” is the motto she goes by.

She ditches the trends, and is just herself, pursuing funny the old-fashioned way. Nadirah is best known for sharing her personal experiences to her viewers, bringing laughter through her storytelling.

With over 90k followers, and shares of her videos on multiple meme pages it’s easy to see how much she’s loved.

Beso Chai

A third POC comedian is all the way from the United Kingdom, Beso, which is her alias name. Although wanting to keep her name to herself she’s not shy of sharing her personal life with viewers.

Beso’s content turns shared trauma amongst woman, especially the Brown community, and translates it into comedy. First appearing on TikTok she later decided to start a personal blog on Instagram.

With aesthetic pop culture references on her posts, she’s able to create a community where girls can talk it out by sharing memes, while also sharing their thoughts and support for one another.

Her content is beyond relatable to any woman in a man’s world.

For the foodie: Mariyum’s Kitchen holds it down with delicious feel good content

One shared experience many of us have is our love for food. And that’s where Mariyum’s kitchen comes in.

Mariyum is a Palestinian home cook who quickly took a following by how she films her cooking videos. Her Instagram account positively provides simple step-by-step recipes that walks viewers through the process but still gets to the point.

Her food not only looks delicious but she creates a diverse set of recipes. She covers a wide range of cultural dishes, from full on meals to desserts.

And even if you’re not a cook or baker or never intend to be, there’s still something extremley comforting, homey, and positive about her Instagram account that you’re sure to enjoy.

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