Mad pornstars share if they’ve ever let a fan hit before (video)

Just because porn stars bang on camera for a living does not mean they’re all promiscuous and have sex with everything in sight.

But if you ever wondered if these adult actresses would actually let a regular fan like you and me hit, you’d be tight to hear that the answer is mostly nah.

The sex site Wood Rocket did an extensive video with dozens of different porn stars like Riley Reid, Cassandra Cain, Aubrey Sinclair, and Abella Danger, to name a few, who shared their answers.

While most say that they’ve never, there are actually a few who have knowingly done it. What’s surprising though is that it seems like not many have really put that much thought into it before this interview.

Some admit that they regularly bang guys off Tinder, and one even mentioned that someone recognized her while on the app. Others actually began warming up to the idea of letting a fan hit on some power of mind control shit.

In the end it doesn’t really seem like the average fan stands much of a chance. So unfortunately all those random dude pickups in the bang bus aren’t real. Neither are any of those classroom scenes, hot maids or any of that shit. If it’s on the internet it’s probably fake!

You’ve just been falling for Oscar-worthy performances all these years. I guess the best way to get into the game is to join the league and disappoint your family.