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Please, don’t buy into Kanye’s Sunday Services, his church shan’t woo you

Somehow Kanye has won people over again.

This past Sunday, Feb. 24, comedian Neil Brennan posted a video on Twitter showing the GOOD Music label-head emphatically playing his MPC/keyboard while directing a mass choir and sporting pink hair.

I’m not sure if it was the new dew, people missing Ye, or the “This Is The Day” Fred Hammond sample, but the internet ate it up.

“Kanye does this thing every week called Sunday service,” the Chappelle Show co-creator wrote. “All music. Very little Jesus stuff. 60 person choir. 20 piece band. Gospel songs, his songs, classics. I went last week. It was excellent. Kanye is wildly talented and sweet when he’s not suffering from mental illness.”

This is the third of these “services” and they’re just as Brennan described it — religiously themed weekly concerts where Ye performs gospel versions of old songs. It’s the kind of content a Kanye purist lives for —  honest, relatable, and musically refreshing.

Yet, as moving and reminiscent of the “Kanye of old” these Sunday services may be, I’m not buying it and I refuse to subscribe to his gospel.

Cancel culture is gross, toxic, not productive and something I think has become an epidemic for this generation, but I do believe in holding people accountable for what they say and do. The same energy must be kept for Ye.

Kanye has been upfront about his issues with mental health and has even sought professional help, but he’s yet to backtrack his ignorant and hurtful statements and continues to show support for Donald Trump, who has shown to be a bigot, racist, and misogynist.

Ever since taking a photo with Trump outside of the Trump Towers in 2016, Kanye has been intentional about using his platform to stand behind symbols and people of hate —  whether knowingly or not.

You can point out the time he visited TMZ to share his thoughts on politics and freedom where he said 400 years of slavery “sounded like a choice.”

What about his constant denouncing of the Democratic party with partial facts and half-truths or even going to the White House to speak on the behalf of all Black people? Too much has happened for him to think tapping Black people’s church culture is going to work.

The worst part about these Sunday services is people’s quickness to assume that Kanye is reverting back to some idea of himself that they remember and love when this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There is no more “Old Kanye” and he dupes people every time he chops up soul samples or incorporates some gospel undertones into his music. What we’re seeing and feeling while watching these clips is a Kanye acknowledging where’s he’s coming from, not previewing where he’s going.

This is the same Kanye that dissed Obama, released the flop that is Ye and sells overpriced clothes. It’s time we start treating him according to what he’s showing us, not what he’s done.

He can call himself Yeezus, Yandhi, or Christopher Columbus for all I care, but I’m good on whatever he’s preaching.