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Pissed mom dips on football recruit son after he picks Florida over Bama

National Signing Day is a proud moment for young men and women chasing their athletic dreams while seeking a higher education.

It’s an event where the school, community, family, and friends gather together in celebration of their star pupils choosing what college they will attend.

Local media and press are there to cover the event, evening garnering attention from ESPN. All the years of blood, sweat, and tears are finally paid off at this moment.

For the nation’s #5-ranked wide receiver Jacob Copeland, it’s a milestone he’ll never forget. But what was supposed to be an exciting and emotional event quickly became kind of a downer for the wrong reasons.

The 4-Star commit Jacob Copeland is now a Florida Gator. While Gator fans are ecstatic about the commitment, his mother didn’t seem so thrilled about the decision.

So much so, in fact, that she left her son’s side and walked away from the commitment table. Wearing an Alabama sweatshirt and a Tennessee hat, no words were spoken as mama Copeland departed while her son was putting on his Florida Gators cap.

Sports Illustrated would later report that Copeland’s mother returned to give her son a hug and watch him sign his letter of intent.

Regardless of the circumstances, Copeland’s mother’s actions should not be chastised. This is one of the toughest decisions EVER for young high school athletes to make. This is a time when family circles have to be tighter than ever.

The pressure for student-athletes at times seems insurmountable due to the expectations placed on kids coming out of high school. Copeland handled the situation with poise and class.

He didn’t throw his mother under the bus and most importantly he followed his instincts. For a mother, it is hard to let go of her young cub.

Sure if Copeland chose ‘Bama he’d get more exposure and could be playing for national title in his first year, but it wouldn’t be HIS choice. 


It is important for fans and media outlets to report the full story in its entirety instead of only reporting what they see because it’s trending.

The Copelands have lives and are human beings just like you reading this article. Be sure to follow the young star Jacob Copeland on Twitter at @JCope1era.

And don’t worry too much about him, Jacob spoke on his mom dipping on him and it’s nothing serious! Best of luck bro!