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Pet-proof cannabis plants? Keep your animal BFFs from harming your crop

Cannabis is one of the most resilient plants out there. That explains why it’s so widespread and can thrive in almost all climatic conditions. 

But to obtain optimal yields from your cannabis farm, you’ll need to apply some of the recommended cannabis growing best practices. One such practice is shielding your plants from invasion by pests or harm by your very own pets. 

This article will examine some of the tips that you can implement to keep your pets from harming your cannabis plants.

How Do Pets Interact With Cannabis Plants?

Pets can either interact with your cannabis plants positively or negatively. For instance, dogs and cats can chase away other pests, such as birds, rats, and rabbits. Some people often consider keeping dogs and cats as one of the measures against invasive pests. But that’s just the other side of the equation. 

Without adequate training to avoid your cannabis plants, your pets might unintentionally harm the plants. Remember that pets are highly curious. When they’re bored or lonely, their curiosity may cause them to venture into forbidden territories, including your marijuana plants. In the process, they could dig up the soil, chew on cannabis buds, or trample on young plants, thereby stifling their growth. 

Pets like cats are also highly territorial. They go around marking every object within their patch, including outdoor posts, furniture, and plants. To drop their pheromones on your cannabis plants, a cat will head-butt the plant, rub her body against them, or urinate and poop around the plants. 

Rubbing against the plants excessively could break their stems, especially in the case of young plants. Also, too much urine can lead to a nutrient burn by exposing the plants to excess nitrogen. Worse yet, cat poop can transmit disease-causing parasites like Toxoplasma gondii when it comes in contact with humans. 

So whichever way you look at it, the most practical solution here is to pet-proof the cannabis plants.

pet proof cannabis

Pet-proof cannabis plants?

1. Understand the Associated Dangers

We’ve already highlighted the risks associated with allowing your pets to roam freely in your cannabis farms. But besides causing damage to the plants, your pets might also suffer various side effects from nibbling on the plant leaves. 

For instance, Gorilla Glue seeds produce a hybrid strain of cannabis known as Gorilla Glue, which is famous for its powerful psychotropic effects. The last thing you want is to deal with a ‘euphoric’ dog or cat. You can also switch to CBD products and avoid growing the plant altogether. Lazarus Naturals CBD is one good option you can go for.  

2. Follow All the Growing Regulations

Marijuana cultivation laws vary by state and country. But in most jurisdictions, the regulations governing cannabis growing at home requires that the grower secures the garden from access by minors and pets. 

Observing these regulations will not only help to protect your plants from undue damage by pets. It will also ensure compliance and prevent you from running afoul of the law.

3. Eliminate Access Points

Since pets are naturally curious, they’ll not hesitate to check into your cannabis farms at the slightest opportunity they can find. Unfenced farms are some of their primary pull factors, which makes it necessary to fence off all outdoor grow locations. 

After fencing off your cannabis farms, carry out routine checkups around the perimeter of the farm to establish the main access points. Then, block off these points using sealant materials like silicone.

4. Keep Your Pets Stimulated

If you can’t seal off your cannabis plants completely, then you should consider keeping your pets stimulated. As we already highlighted earlier on, pets will want to venture into the farms when they’re lonely or bored. 

Whenever you’re at home, spend time playing with your furry friends and tiring them down. That way, you’ll help them to release their pent-up energy so that they have no more energy left to engage in destructive behavior. 

If you spend much of the day at work, at least make provisions to keep your pets physically and mentally stimulated in your absence. You can do that by leaving lights as well as the radio and television on, offering your pets plenty of interactive toys, or hiring a pet sitter. 

In addition to preventing them from harming your cannabis plants, keeping your pets stimulated will also help to keep separation anxiety at bay.

5. Use Pet Repellents

Another practical solution for pet-proofing your cannabis plants is using pet repellents. For instance, you can consider dusting the area around the plants’ vicinity using hot chilli peppers or apple cider vinegar. Not only will these repel pets but also pests like rodents. 

You might also consider cultivating plants in and around your cannabis grow area, which pets generally find repulsive. 

Examples of such plants include:

  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Citrus plants like lime, lemon, and orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary

If it comes down to it, invest in motion-activated sprinklers. Most pets dislike water, and coupled with the surprise caused by sprinklers coming on unexpectedly; they will surely avoid coming closer to your cannabis plants again.

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Pets are cute and adorable creatures. But pets can get curious too. If you own a cannabis farm, your furry friend may inadvertently harm your plants, setting you back thousands of dollars in potential revenues.

Since you cannot trade off your little furball with your cannabis farm, the best solution is to prevent them from harming your cannabis plants by implementing the tips we’ve highlighted above.