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People in the UK are not handling the KFC shortage very well

It just got real as people in Britain are having fried chicken withdrawals because of delayed and incomplete KFC product deliveries.

Wouldn’t you be tight if you woke up one day and your neighborhood KFC was closed all of a sudden? We would all be angry.

Especially if  your neighborhood fried chicken connect might take a whole week to re-up.

For three days straight KFC has had to deal with this chicken shortage and as of Tuesday the finger-lickin’ good fast-food giant forced half of its 900 outlets in Britain to close, according to the NYT.

People are so sick on the other side of the pond because of this KFC chicken shortage that they are going as far as getting the police involved.

South London lawmaker Neil Coyle let the world know by tweeting how many disappointed KFC customers were contacting him regarding the chicken shortage.

The fried chicken withdrawals are so bad in Britain that the Tower Hamlets Police MPS had to tweet about the #KFCCrisis and why it’s not a police matter. The tweet read,

“Please do not contact us about the – it is not a police matter if your favourite eatery is not serving the menu that you desire.”


British KFC customers aren’t the only one’s looking to see fried chicken back on those warm shelves.

Over the weekend, a pair of KFC employees were accused of smuggling chicken through the back door.

I guess when there’s a chicken dry spell you have to cut out the middleman and go straight to the source.

But you can’t get caught slippin’, ya digg.

Lowkey the smuggled chicken was not only raw, stuffed into black bags, and thrown in the back of a car trunk, but it was also left unrefrigerated.

Danny Mercer, the man behind the photos and the video, told Kent Live,

“I got KFC in Erith shut down because I caught them on videos smuggling raw chicken into the back of the restaurant out of the back of a car in black bags and boxes and unrefrigerated…”

The desperation in Britain for KFC is the wildest fast food craze I think I’ve ever seen. This might be worse than a Supreme drop that never came. It all makes sense in the end as the UK is KFC’s largest market in Europe.

But rumor has it that the chicken shortage might be correlated with a delivery partner switch to DHL. Still, DHL said that it wasn’t the only party to blame.

According to CNN, on Monday, DHL said that mad deliveries were “incomplete or delayed,” and on Tuesday, they apologized adding that it was “not the only party responsible for the supply chain to KFC.”

KFC is doing everything it can to clear the backlogs. A fried chicken chain statement read, “We anticipate the number of closures will reduce today and over the coming days as our teams work flat-out all hours to clear the backlog.”

Still, the chain is trying to keep things very lighthearted. In a tweet, on Monday, KFC gave an update. The tweet read,

“Some chickens have now crossed the road, the rest are waiting at the pelican crossing…”

KFC got jokes, but not everyone thinks the chicken shortage is funny. Peep how tight this girl was she didn’t get her fried chicken fix.