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Peep these 3 gems Big Sean just dropped on IG after his year-long hiatus

Big Sean is back and better than ever. If you’ve noticed, that the 31-year old Detriot rapper hasn’t been visible, and it’s all been by design.

In a series of three videos posted to Instagram on Monday, which was also his birthday, Sean explained how he’d been battling depression and anxiety, which forced him to take some much-needed time to himself in 2018.

According to Sean, sometime last year he found him emitting an energy he couldn’t shake. Normally a meditative guy, the fact that he couldn’t find a place where he could get comfortable with himself and find a happiness that once came easy, told him drastic measures had to be taken.

“I’m definitely seeing things different than how I used to see them,” he began. The star explained that around this time last year, “I wasn’t feeling like myself and I couldn’t figure out why.”

Big Sean continued,

“I stepped back from everything I was doing…because somewhere in the middle of it, I just felt lost and I don’t know how I got there.”

This process of self-reflection led Sean to hire a therapist as well as surround himself with spiritual individuals which helped him realize the things he was missing in his life.

Sean was so gracious to drop some of these via Instagram, which I think we all could adhere to.

Here they are.

Be ‘Big on energy’


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my thoughts 1/3 🗣

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When you think about Sean’s year, 2017 to 2018, when he took this self-reflection of his, you wouldn’t guess he was going through much of anything. His fourth retail album, I Decided, went platinum, his romance with singer Jhene Aiko seemed to be blossoming and he appeared to be in a good headspace.

Yet, because he was in tune with himself and because he knew what him operating at his best looked at, he was still able to notice his personal engine light.

“I felt like something wasn’t all the way connecting with my energy. I’m big on energy,” he said in the first video.

We all should be “big on energy.” We all should strive to know ourselves enough to the point where we too can step back, adjust and retune. That shows huge emotional maturity.



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my thoughts (2/3) 🗣 CLARITY

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Sean speaks of “clarity” in his second video. With help from the spiritual mentors, he was able to realize the one thing he was missing in life was clarity.

“I needed clarity. Clarity about who was around me, what I was doing,” he explained. He went on to say how music began to feel like a burden and the relationships in his life were toxic or struggling, even the one he had with his mother.

These realizations, Sean said, helped him see that he needed to nurture the relationship he had with himself in order to fix the others.

Unconditional love


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my thoughts (3/3) 🗣 UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

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In the third video, Sean speaks on unconditional love — the conclusion of his self-quest.

“I started realizing that you can’t give or depend on somebody for love or a good time and all that if you can’t give it to yourself. I started doing things by myself or just doing things I never thought I’d do, like going skydiving or just whatever I thought was fun, just doing it,” the star said. He later noted that he has since gotten back into music.

“In the midst of that, I definitely rediscovered myself and found a whole new energy, and me being a source of it and not somebody else.”

He went on further to distinguish the difference between the two loves, sharing his revelation on the subject in the process.

“Conditional love is cool, the money and instant gratification, but your foundation on which you stand on is the unconditional love,” he said. “Hey man, put the energy back into yourself, be clear about what you want to do, who you want to do it with. Just know that it all translates to happiness. It feels good to be back at a higher level.”

It’s good to see that Sean was able to spot himself out of alignment and fix it in a healthy matter. It’s something we can take away from as mental health is something we all face.

His new album gon hit different now.