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Peep the highlights of Trump out in the UK making an ass of himself

Mere moments before touching down in London on Monday, Donald Trump called its mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser” who has “been foolishly ‘nasty’ to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom.”

Hilariously, he followed up: “In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom, and am looking very much forward to my visit. Landing now!”

For his part, Mr. Kahn, who has compared Trump to a 20th-century fascist, and deplored his border policy, the rollback of LGBTQ and reproductive rights, and Muslim ban, was unfazed by these remarks, calling Pres. Trump an “11-year-old child.”

Trump caused more awkwardness on his three-day visit to London when it was revealed that he had also called Duchess of Sussex and American expat Meghan Markle “nasty” upon hearing that she had called him misogynistic and declared that she would move to Canada if he won the presidency.

In the ensuing backlash, Trump decried “Fake News,” denying that he had ever called Ms. Markle ‘nasty.’ But, as with many of Trump’s statements, there is taped evidence contradicting the BS that comes out of his mouth.

I wonder how his ‘private luncheon’ with Prince Harry went after that!

One thing we do know: during this luncheon, Prince William and Prince Harry avoided taking a picture with Pres. Trump, denying him valuable PR material, and Harry later declined to attend the state dinner hosted by the Queen. Though the prince had not been scheduled to attend the dinner, his absence can only be interpreted as a snub.

In another shocking affront to Pres. Trump, Boris Johnson, the front-runner to lead the conservative party after sitting Prime Minister Theresa May steps down on June 7th, also declined to meet one-on-one with the President.

This snub especially stings, as the President said only last week, “I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent.” (Head of the opposition party Jeremy Corbyn, who Trump called a “negative force,” similarly avoided meeting with the president.)

Beyond Trump’s customary name-calling and royal and political snubs, his visit also prompted thousands of Brits to take to the streets — including one 16-foot farting presidential robot and a baby Trump blimp.

But fascinatingly, Trump denied the protests’ very existence. He stated on Monday that he had been greeted by “tremendous crowds of well-wishers” rather than protestors.

In a press conference with Theresa May on Tuesday, Trump doubled down: “I said, ‘Where are the protests? I don’t see any protests.’ I did see a small protest today… very small so a lot of it is fake news.”

Is Trump that out-of-touch with reality? Or is he pursuing more sinister ends?

This Esquire article argues that Trump is undermining the press to make himself the only “legitimate source of information in society,” and is lying “all the time to break down the processes by which we discern the truth about the world around us.”

The author cites George Orwell’s 1984, whose imagined totalitarian party told its citizens to “reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

It serves another chilling reminder about the President, and about the kind of world we live in.


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