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Peep Sweatcoin, the new app that gives you crypto when you go in at the gym

Paper bandz make you dance but can digital bandz get you to work out? Well, there’s an app focused on rewarding you with “sweatcoins” for getting the most gains possible.

Sweatcoin is definitely one of a kind technology in your app store that you might just have to cop. Don’t be shook to download it, it’s the most fire app to touch your phone screen since Angry Birds.

When I downloaded it I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest I really didn’t trust the idea. It sounded way too good to be true and the opening screen was extremely sus.

The sign-up process gave me big brother vibes, but the interface was wild hypnotizing so I proceeded and entered my contact information, allowed Sweatcoin to access my GPS location, and granted it access to my Health app.

Felt like I signed my life away, but after verifying myself I felt relieved to find out the app didn’t ask me for a debit card.

What won my trust?  Smartcoin is currently topping app store charts, gaining over 5 million users in the past year and having more than 2 million users on the fitness app weekly. Getting guap for walking is real after all.

So, how does it work? Once you sign up, Smartcoin records every single step you take outside of a building. Don’t get any bright ideas, if you are on a treadmill indoors it won’t work.

You’re going to have to get innovative if you’re thinking you can rig the system. The GPS can sense if you are inside of a building or not.

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Once you’ve had a nice jog, brisk walk, or intense run, Sweatcoin users can cash out by getting paid .95 “sweatcoins” per 1,000 steps.

The coins collected allow exercise junkies to cop the flyest fitness gear, workout classes, gift cards, and plenty more stuff in the app.

The hook is really in the number of coins you can earn per day. There are different tiers of sweatcoin flossin’. Your bossness is measured by how many sweatcoins you want to give up per month.

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The five levels are — mover, shaker, quaker, breaker, and troublemaker. Sounds like a lot of fun. Could this be just as fun as getting stoned and working out?

If you’re interested in making some mula for flexing some muscles, get your butt to the app store and download Sweatcoin below.

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