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Paying tribute to a loved one who passed: 8 creative ways

We all part with a loved one at some point in life and paying tribute is an important part of processing your loss.

This moment tends to be hard and unimaginable. After the send-off, life has to go on. As time passes, the hearts heal and we start accepting reality.

candles paying tribute

It is a noble thing to on different occasions plan for activities to act as a celebration of the life of the deceased. A loved one may be gone but the sweet memories will always be around us.

The paying of tribute provides an opportune moment for sharing memories with friends and family. This acts as part of the healing process for many. One way people remember is with a mom ring with a personalized birthstone.

Families mostly use the death anniversary day as a time to remember their late. On these dates, they lay flowers and hold short ceremonies at their places. Apart from this, there are numerous ways to pay tribute.

1. Arrange For a Memorial Service

A funeral service is important as it allows a decent send-off. The grieving mood is prevalent as people have lost someone special. Memorial services on the other hand can be made to uplift the people’s spirit more.

In most cases, such sessions are organized after the funeral and they don’t have to be procedural. People can sit around and cherish the memories of the departed.

Discussing his or her benevolent nature brings some sort of cheering up from the somber mood. Some people attest to how a memorial session was impactful in total healing their hearts. Later in, candle lighting can be done as a way of paying tribute to the loved one’s life in the thoughts. 

Do proper planning for the short event such that you will look for a photographer to take pictures of the group. Hire someone to record the whole session.

Keeping such files is important months and years later when you want to refresh your mind on what happened. You can always play the clips and restore the good time you have with friends and family.

2. Fulfill Your Promises to Them

Another long-lasting way is committing yourself to achieve your life purpose.

While spending time with the late, there are those promises which you used to make such as working hard in school, engaging in certain charity work and the list may go on and on. Fight for those plans and you will get a huge relief in your heart. Come up with a work plan on how you will make this happen.

There are issues you may be struggling with such as drug addiction. The special person may have tried to guide on such habits and showed much interest in the attainment of sobriety. Reshaping your life for the better makes you show much respect for them. You may even start an initiative in their memory. Use your life experience in touching other people’s lives.

As a family, hold meetings where you share what the defunct wished for each one of you. As siblings, for instance, you may sit around a table and note down both the individual and family desires of the late parent. Help each other in achieving the end goal.

It may be that dream for the kids to achieve their career goals. Motivate one another on the accomplishments and it will be a special way of paying tribute to a loved one.

3. Dedicate an Event to Their Memory

Planning for a special event is significant. It is key to theme it in memory of the person in bold letters. Consider laying down proper schedules for it. One to two weeks before the day, make invitations in advance. This makes many people plan and inform you of their availability for the day. With the figures, right, it becomes effortless to develop your budget.

You may publish some leaflets with a lot of details regarding the family after and before the demise. The accomplishments you have made in sticking together can be captured also. If you can, let there be plenty of pictures in the booklets for everyone. This creates fresh memories of the time together.

When it comes to the main event, have special guests to grace the function. This can be a close friend to the departed member. You may consider some past workmates.

Bringing these people over is a great opportunity to rekindle your memories as family and friends. Give each one of them ample time to share their first encounters and journeys. Such sessions are normally full of fun since some stories capture the funny life moments they hold with the be-gone.

As it is a function, it may be much exciting if you include creativity. This is where you may have singing sessions which can be led by special artists who you hire.

For the talented family members, this may be the right time to dedicate their creativity to their special person. Creating a song in memory of someone is something unique. Another way may be to find poets who will recite a poem themed on the event.

Consider reading a loved one’s favorite book as well. Going for the whole writing may be impossible hence pick a few pages which were most catchy for them. In your schedule, let such a reading session be perfectly placed. This can be when people are taking refreshments.

4. Personalized Ceramic Photos

Photos are and will always be a proper way of preserving history a paying tribute to a loved one. This makes them crucial tools in immortalizing the memories of a person. These days, we have better ways of going about this.

The use of ceramic images is being appreciated more due to the high quality they exhibit. Most of them are waterproof which makes them suitable for all weather. A headstone is exposed to all weather conditions from summer to winter.

This may need to be robust and so should the ceramic photos. There are professional companies that major in the making of these photos. When you do some proper research, you will arrive at different options of the dealerships.

The monument retailers are known to offer quality products to buyers. This is still the same when you target other designs and developers specializing in ceramic images.

Find companies that offer diversity in the designs to choose from. With comparing the several styles and size, it makes it less of a struggle to arrive at the ceramic photo to perfectly fit on the headstone.

Some agencies have teams that handle the installation work on behalf of the clients. A perfect thing to do before finding firms is to check the total expenses which you will incur. There are some which offer as low as $59.99

Such images normally create a perfect way to immortalize the memory of a loved one. Consider going for the highest quality solution including stretching your budget. Look for the dealers allowing flexibility in the editing of the images

5. Safely Keep Their Special Accessories

Everyone has his or her special items which may be in the form of personal possessions. An example is a necklace they loved. It is necessary to keep such accessories under your special items. Find special storage for a loved one if possible. Seeing such items around your neck as you go on with your life normally gives fresh memories.

For their apparel, find a way to store them in your closet. There are lots of ideas around this. For instance, it can be a great idea to turn a sweater into a pillowcase for your bed. The other DIY option is combining different attire pieces such as t-shirts.

It can be significant in the development of a headboard. See it every day as you retire to bed and in the morning while waking up creates a long-lasting memory. It makes you feel like the person is just beside you as you relax.

Apart from their material things, adopt a part of their lifestyle to make you feel in their company. This can take the shape of enjoying a hobby they liked. Visit certain recreational areas you used to visit together. If it is that mountain-hiking or scuba-diving experience, create time and spend ample time in it.

For the presents, you received from them, keep them well as they preserve the good times together. Always wearing them with pride serves the same purpose. You may invest in some home display structures and fit them in your study room.

6. Plant a Sapling in Their Name

As a way of showing your unending love, plant a sapling to emphasize the message. The best choice of doing the planting is the same day as the memorial service. The other option may be during a death anniversary. Take good care of the sapling through watering, weeding, and pruning. This creates a unique way of celebrating their life and paying tribute to a loved one.

Before you think of doing any planting, do a thorough consideration of all the options. Find the most serene place for example at your favorite home garden.

Another beautiful place may be at the riverside. The main considerations should be serenity and ease of access. Going too remote may offer some challenges especially when the weather is unfavorable. Make consultations as a family or friends in making that conclusive decision. This ensures everyone’s choice is accommodated.

Seeing the plant grow and develop will bring a strong feeling of contentment. Doing this as a family brings an even better experience. Plant the saplings within the same area and as you spend time under the grown trees will bring more bonding as you reminisce time together.

An annual celebration can be held at the site and even better, cut the flowers, branches, and fruits and do a special dedication.

7. Make Charity Donations

Different people have different ways of paying tribute in the most unique way. One of them is through engaging in charity work. Create a schedule for the major work.

This is where you focus on the activities in which you will be engaging. In the plans, including the budget to set aside for the charity. Through such strategies, you end up knowing which groups of people to target.

You may begin with the needy people such as in the children’s homes. Think of the people living with disabilities as well. Through touching other people’s lives, you share the benevolent nature of your loved one and pay tribute.

Use your anniversary events as a channel to raise funds through the goodwill of the guests. To make it more fruitful, inform every invitee of the co-mission of the day.

The contribution can at times be large such that it may be used for more charity. For the supplies, find customization experts who will put the message of the dedication of the donations. As a family business, these operations remind the public of the main mission of the founder to improve the welfare of all.

8. Complete their Projects

paying tribute project

Death at times arrives at the most unexpected time. This makes the current engagements by a person come to a standstill. For a business, there may be a likelihood of a temporal closure.

The shoe left behind may not find someone to fit in. However, as friends and family, you have a critical role in ensuring the vision lives on. This is where you come together and think of the plans the deceased had.

For the business setting, you may focus on the changes to make to achieve the same consistency. If it was a construction project, plan on how to accomplish everything.

These achievements coming to pass bring a special way of appreciating someone. You can name the building after him or her. It makes the legacy live on thus the memories live long in the minds of people.

Creating merchandise to pay tribute to your loved one can be a worthy idea. This is where you develop something such as a book, or customized packaging products bearing their names. As a production company, you can create a plan through which the personalized products may be for a specific period every year.

Paying tribute to a loved one that has gone to a better place

The departure of a loved one for good is heavy and hard to believe.

However, it is worth it to take heart and celebrate the good memories together. Paying tribute is one sure way of making this happen. Options are endless on what you can consider.

One way is planning for the memorial services well, and organizing occasional events in their memories among others.

For the headstones, find the best dealers to fit quality personalized ceramic photos. Others consider planting saplings which is a great idea.