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Passport Heavy shows why now is the time to travel if you’re Black

Black backpackers stand at the edge of the world ready to explore a globe which they were once forbidden to travel.

At the end of 2017, Amarachi Nwosu blessed the world with her Black in Tokyo documentary, commencing a movement that we would never have expected to see the light of day.

The Nigerian-American creative delved into an untouched realm and shed light onto a new version of the Black persona. One that is eager to see the world.

Now, more and more Black travelers are letting us know what it’s like to have enough guap to travel and culturally indulge themselves in countries that don’t share the same ancestral origins.

Blacks look to take over the globe and no one can stop us. So much so that NAACP had warned African-Americans about traveling on American Airlines back in October. Regarding a pattern of disturbing events against traveling Blacks, the warning read,

“In light of these confrontations, we have today taken the action of issuing national advisory alerting travelers — especially African Americans — to exercise caution, in that booking and boarding flights on American Airlines could subject them disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions…”

Still, regardless of an attempt to halt Blacks from experiencing different cultures, Jubril Agoro, founder of Passport Heavy is traveling the world with purpose and with “dope people from all different cultures and walks of life.”

His travel plan is a new wave of figuring how to navigate an unfamiliar country as a tourist. Agoro focuses on vacationing on a budget.

You will probably find him chilling with his creative peoples at an AirBnB, capitalizing on the big cribs available at a fraction of the cost it would take to have the same stay in America. Or cruising around in a nice car, unless you’ve got a flat tire then you need to call Tucsonstreetcar.

Agoro has taken sight-seeing “outside the box,” giving each viewer an inside and unique guide to each different country he pulls up to. So far, he’s documented his stays in…

Medellin, Colombia…

Bangkok, Thailand…

Doha, Qatar…

Panama City, Panama and couple of more destinations. 

Let’s just say in 2018 this is one movement I’m more than proud to endorse as Blacks  express the desire to learn about different ways of life besides our own.

This has to be good for the culture. Otherwise, how can we progress as a diverse community of different-thinking individuals? The only way to advance as one people is to try and understand each and every culture we encounter.

In the words of Agoro,

“There’s a ‘right’ way to do it. People will try to sell you on the fact that their way is the best way. People will even make you feel guilty for seeing the tourist spots, or say that  ‘real’ travelers only have a backpack or a carry-on and not a whole suitcase. Find your own groove. Over time you will evolve as a traveler… Just enjoy the journey, no matter which way you do it.”

Jubril is showing people just like him how to ball on a budget internationally and explore other countries the real way! His story alone is an inspiration and is something that is pushing the culture.

Shoutout to the Black traveler movement. Now get out there work hard for what you want, start saving guap, find a hustle, and GO!