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Parents are shook that their kids are going to get weed edibles for Halloween

Opposers of marijuana will do whatever it takes throw dirt on mother herb’s name.

Fox 29 in Philly reported that parents in a New Jersey county need to stay on the lookout for edibles in their kids’ trick or treat baskets.

According to the state’s Department of Health, there is a significant presence of marijuana candy and other edible forms in New Jersey and other nearby states. Duh, edibles are lit AF.

New Jersey officials say, “the presence of the edible forms of marijuana poses a risk to users, especially children who may be given the candy accidentally on Halloween.”

They’re basically saying that people are going to give away their edibles by accident. FOH, people are not that shmacked.

Furthermore, who accidentally gives away weed? Not I. I’m clinging to the piff like it’s my precious.

There are a lot more important things people should be concerned about when it comes to Halloween. Like making sure your kids look both ways before crossing the street.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nationwide the number of deaths among young pedestrians increases 4.5 times on Halloween evening compared with the same time period on all other nights of the year.

What’s another threat to people, especially kids, on Halloween?  The flammability of your costume. Don’t get your costume caught on an old-school jack-o-lantern.

Peep for yourself

No need to worry if your kids are going to be shmacked off that good-good. I suggest you watch out for razor blades and unwrapped candy in your kids trip-or-treat baskets.

Also, strap yourself and your children with reflective tape that will glow in the beam of a car’s headlights. Could come in handy.

Stay woke, it’s scary out there. Also, if you find any edibles in your kids’ baskets, send ’em over here. We’ll dispose of them properly.