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Overwatch League and BAIT are keeping gamers fly with sneaker bonuses

Yes, gamer sneaker bonuses are a thing as BAIT teams up with the Overwatch League to hand out sneaker prizes to team members.

Gaming and sneakers have always been in association with one another.

Remembering the first Playstation x Air Force 1s collaboration in 2009 and its shiny patent-leather exterior, you can see how the two interests interacted.

As the gaming industry continues to boom, other markets are seizing opportunities to get in or the virtual action. Sneaker Boutique and online retailer BAIT is teaming up with the Overwatch League to hand out sneaker prizes to team members.

“Gaming and sneakers cultures have always had a passionate, shared community. You can see it on display through some of the collabs that have dropped recently like the Xbox Jordans and the PlayStation PG2s,”

explains Eric Phan, the Chief Marketing Officer of BAIT.

2018-07-20 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League is an international esports league, currently based in 20 cities and hosting the best Overwatch computer game players in the world.

This season’s $4 million grand prize pool is up for grabs after each team plays 21 regular-season matches to determine their positions for the playoffs which start September 3, 2020.

As these gamers are tied into their virtual worlds, they also in tune with the streetwear culture, entering the esports arenas in some drip.

Fan-created AF1 featuring Overwatch heroes

This season, the streetwear legend and designer Jeff Staple created the Overwatch League team uniforms.

And in Brooklyn of 2018, the inaugural Overwatch League Grand Finals had the eventual winners of the tournament, London Spitfire, grace the stage in Off-White x Air Jordan 1s in University Blue, a pair of Gucci tennis shoes, and a pair Triple S Balenciaga trainers.

These gamers flexed much more than thumb muscles that night.

2018-07-20 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

BAIT has now got their foot into the arena and is collaborating with the esports league to bless talented gamers with sneakers using what they call a BAIT BONUS.

For instance, if a player is overwhelmingly racking up ‘eliminations’ and gets what’s called a Fleta Deadlift, they will unlock this bonus worth $250 towards a pair.

Attractive bonuses like these might just get these gamer up on their feet. As much money as they could win, they can also cash out on some kicks for their troubles.

Gaming has been on steady growth as technology evolves and platforms widen. And sneaker culture has had exponential value since the early 2000s.

New York Excelsior (NYXL) in custom Dunks

Eric Phan goes on to say,

“There is no better time than now for Overwatch League and BAIT to partner to create sneaker bonuses. Esports pros are definitely part of the shared gaming and sneaker culture and will appreciate what we are putting together.”

Sneaker culture is considerably contiguous to any other culture that reflects our personalities in unique ways and gaming has always been a way to express ourselves.

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