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Our idols love Kobe Bryant so much: 10 celebrities who wore his jerseys

Kobe Bryant

Celebrities have donned Kobe Bryant jerseys for over two decades now. Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, LeBron James, Lil Wayne, the list goes on and on.

Kobe Bryant was an iconic figure in the world, and he still is. There is a reason his jerseys have been some of the most successful of any NBA player ever. When you put on the 8 or 24, you are putting on Kobe’s legacy.

A legacy of determination, diligence, and drive to be the best. The mamba mentality in its purest form.

Whether its the classic purple and gold, the light-blue throwback jerseys, or a custom suit of Kobe’s Lakers, these celebrities have donned Kobe’s jersey because they respect the man, the myth, the legend. And there is no greater nod to Kobe Bean Bryant than that.

Beyoncé dons a unique Kobe Bryant jersey look

Cred: Tumblr

Beyhive let’s hear it! Beyoncé, the towering figure she is, does not go out of her way to appear in the public light. But for Kobe, Beyoncé would be there.

As a contemporary in the entertainment world, Beyoncé surely saw Kobe Bryant as a friend, and would thus rock his jersey from time to time to make that fact known.

Also, not that it’s any anomaly in this fact, but the Kobe jersey looks damn good on her.

celebrities jerseys
Cred: Tumblr

Bey even performed at Kobe’s memorial service in a beautiful tribute.

“I’m here, because I loved Kobe. And this was one of his favorite songs.”

Beyoncé singing XO

All the feels. All of them.

Famous Lakers fan Snoop Dogg never forgets what Kobe did for the franchise

kobe bryant jerseys

Snoop Dogg photographed by Kevin Mazur while attending the 2002 ESPY Awards in Hollywood, CA – July 10, 2002

Snoop Dogg is never afraid to make clear his loyalty for the Lakers. And Kobe for that matter.

In this custom Kobe Bryant jersey, Snoop reminds us that he’s been doing this. Showing love to the real. To the fearless.

Snoop Dogg photographed by Kevin Mazur while attending the 2002 ESPY Awards in Hollywood, CA – July 10, 2002

As legendary as anyone gets in the entertainment business, Snoop is a boss. Even during the Lakers’ years in obscurity, Snoop stayed true to the franchise.

And he always reminds us that we can do anything.

Naomi Osaka shows love to Kobe in a classic jersey during her 2020 US Open win

Naomi Osaka celebrates her US Open win in a Kobe jersey

One of our favorite athletes of this generation, Naomi Osaka is revered because she is more than an athlete. She raised awareness of the many Black lives lost to police brutality in recent years.

And she absolutely dominated the US Open in 2020. Channeling Kobe’s Mamba mentality, Osaka showed out.

Look out for her in the upcoming 2021 Olympics, taking place in her home country of Japan.

Rivals, teammates, friends: LeBron shows love wearing Kobe’s jersey in the 2020 NBA playoffs

celebrities jerseys
LeBron James on his way to the arena before a 2020 NBA playoff game (Cred: @Lakers)

Idols turn to rivals. Rivals return to being friends.

The media wanted to pit LeBron and Kobe against each other. The league would’ve loved nothing more than a finals pairing of the two up against one another. But alas, we never got one.

Whether on opposing teams, or as teammates on the Team USA squad, ‘Bron and Kobe always had respect for each other.

So it only made sense that ‘Bron would don one of Kobe’s jerseys before a big game. And, of course, in a playoffs that LeBron’s team would end up winning. ‘Bron strived for greatness by channeling his inner Mamba mentality.

Lil Wayne seen in a Kobe Bryant jersey shows us GOATS love other GOATS

celebrities jerseys
Lil Wayne getting drippy in a Kobe jersey Cred: @colormenae

The man at the pinnacle of the rap game pairing up with the man at the height of sports. Lil Wayne repping one of Kobe Bryant’s jerseys shows us GOATS enjoy other GOATS.

Don’t we all like surrounding ourselves with success?

Vanessa Hudgens represents the newer generation of Kobe fans

celebrities jerseys
8/24. Happy Kobe Bryant day💛💜 (Cred: @vanessahudgens)

Vanessa Hudgens represents the newer generation of Lakers and Kobe fans. She grew up with the Lakers being great, and found stardom herself as the franchise continued its success.

Now, in a non-pandemic world, you will find Hudgens at a Lakers game, cheering on Kobe’s legacy and the new team.

“I was never really into sports. Then I started watching the lakers games. I cheered more for Kobe than anyone else in my life. Yearssss ago I got a call saying Kobe wanted a signed Gabriella doll for one of his daughters. Geeking out I said of course…I would also really love a signed jersey.”

Vanessa Hudgens via her IG

For all the tension, Shaq and Kobe loved and supported each other

kobe bryant jerseys
Shaq wearing a Kobe jersey before an NBA game (Cred: @ballislife)

Shaq wore Kobe’s jersey before a 2002 NBA game. Why? Kobe was serving a two-game suspension for fighting Reggie Miller.

Shaq showed support for his superstar teammate, and with the well-chronicled rifts between the tandem, this was a big show of support.

Everyone wants to find themselves in one of Kobe Bryant’s jerseys.

Lauren London shows love in one of Kobe Bryant’s jerseys

Kobe Bryant jerseys
Lauren London sporting a Kobe jersey (Cred: @laurenlondon)

Celebrities wearing jerseys is no news in and of itself. But for an LA-native, Lauren London rocking one of Kobe Bryant’s jerseys is undoubtedly special.

The beautiful actress, along with her man Nipsey Hussle, were die-hard Lakers fans. And that meant they were die hard Kobe fans.

Rest east Bean. There is a plethora of people on Earth that think about you daily.

Kyrie Irving carries Kobe Bryant’s legacy forward

kobe bryant jerseys
Kyrie rocking a Kobe jersey in 2021 (Cred: @BrooklynNets)

Kobe Bryant has many protégés in the NBA, but perhaps are none are more documented than Kyrie Irving. The two truly had a unique relationship.

And it wasn’t focused solely on basketball. Kobe instilled wisdom of life on Kyrie, and no doubt those efforts were reciprocated.

Kyrie is as enigmatic a star as we have in sports, but when he puts on one of Kobe’s jerseys, we know the place he’s coming from. Because it’s what we all feel too: love, respect, admiration, and more.

Spike Lee shows his support for Kobe Bryant at the 2020 Oscars

kobe bryant jerseys
Spike Lee and Bong Joon-Ho at the 2020 Oscars Cred: @bong.joon_ho

In addition to showing the beautiful friendship between Spike Lee and Bong Joon-Ho, these photos show how Kobe Bryant’s jerseys can be turned into anything.

Spike Lee has a flair for the dramatic outfit. But he never misses. And even as perhaps the most famous NY Knick fan of all time, he still made sure to show love to the late, great Kobe Bryant.

These celebrities rocking Kobe jerseys show how far his impact stretched

What are the similarities between all these people? Ok, they’re all celebrities rocking Kobe’s jerseys, but aside from that, they stretch across different industries, backgrounds, sexes, age groups, and more.

Kobe Bryant’s legacy will endure, not just because of his remarkable jerseys that will never go out of style. But because of the effect he had on so many different people, inside and outside of the game of basketball.

Rest in peace Kob’, we miss you.