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Onliners is building the next interactive metaverse

Blockchain started as a revolutionary technology capable of transforming the financial world, but the decentralization trend has spread everywhere to touch many aspects of our lives. The latest buzzwords in this emerging industry are the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse.

The latest report from shows that NFT trading exploded last year by 21,000% to hit $17.6 billion, and momentum keeps intensifying. While 2020 was the year when NFTs got the attention of crypto nerds, these tokens are now going mainstream.

Earlier this month, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that his mega-popular app Instagram was ready to add NFTs to the platform, although we don’t know more details about the integration as of today.

The metaverse trend is following a similar path. The trend has exploded recently the same as NFTs did in 2020, also thanks to Facebook’s rebranding to Meta.

While it used to be associated with the entertainment industry, the metaverse will touch upon a lot of use cases and is also enjoying adoption among big names. According to US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filings dated March 9, American Express – the world’s second-largest payment processor – is exploring this emerging trend.

The company is seeking to secure trademarks on software for a virtual environment for entertainment and an NFT marketplace.

While the two trends can be implemented for a lot of use cases, they most often overlap for online games and entertainment platforms. The latest example is Onliners Metaverse, an NFT platform still in development, which will eventually become a large metaverse ecosystem.

What Is Onliners Metaverse?

Onliners is promoting itself as a metaverse of 8,000 so-called Onliners “who are trying to fit in this world.” The ecosystem starts with an NFT collection comprising a maximum supply of 8,000 units, which will define the community for the upcoming metaverse. The platform uses themes and concepts related to the age of the internet.

The NFT collection will feature many different things that “online” people could have or look like. The goal of the metaverse is to let users find look-alike characters and feel one with them. There will be hundreds of unique features, costumes, and gadgets representing online communities, such as crypto enthusiasts, artists, gamers, musicians, traders, students, anime fans, writers, developers, and many more.

Onliners Roadmap

The Onliners Metaverse will be launched in several phases, with the ultimate goal to build an interactive ecosystem that allows users to hold NFTs that represent them. Here are the main components of the upcoming platform:

  • Onliners community – to begin with, the team behind Onliners will build a strong and healthy community to ensure the long-term success of the project.

    A powerful community that supports and understands the founding team is imperative for achieving the subsequent goals. Thus, the team, which comprises about six members, will establish a strong bond with the community through AMA sessions, events, and keep everyone up-to-date.
  • Onliners treasure vault – the team plans to save 15% of OpenSea royalties revenue for various project operations that will encourage the community.

    For instance, not everyone can have the digital assets to buy their own Onliner, given the price increase after mint. Thus, the team will use the treasure vault to buy the floor and conduct giveaways for the community, and make some people happy.
  • Onliners merchandise – the Onliners team wants to encourage the community to feel one with the project even when off-line.

    The community will decide on the merchandise they want so that the most voted NFTs could appear on those. Onliners will collaborate with big clothing brands as well.
  • Onliners charity – while the internet seems to be omnipresent, only about 60% of the world’s population has access to it. Even today, four out of ten people are totally off-line.

    It means they cannot enjoy the same tools for communication, education, and entertainment. The Onliners Team plans to donate $50,000 to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) so that people in the poorest countries could buy computers and have internet access.
  • Onliners season 2 – there will be another launch of new NFTs, traits, and animated characters. Loyal community members will have reserved allocations.
  • Metaverse – finally, the NFTs will act as a gateway for the upcoming metaverse, which will represent an online virtual game where one can use his/her NFT as an avatar, with custom attributes, strength, and abilities. There are more plans for the ecosystem that will be announced as the project grows.

There are three ways to get your own Online NFT: you can get whitelisted through giveaways or by supporting the community on Discord, join the public sale, or purchase the NFTs after being listed on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace out there. The date of the launch will be announced soon.