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On Queen Beyonce’s 36th bday, famous friends recreate ‘Formation’ video

Yesterday was Labor day but more importantly Beyonce celebrated her 36th birthday!

In normal ‘drop some fly shit quietly’ fashion, Beyonce posted a gallery of her friends and family, each dawning the iconic look from her 2016 “Formation” music video.

Friends from Kelly Rowland to Serena Williams and family alike all posed individually in a series of black and white photos celebrating Beyonce and her contribution to art.

Kelly Rowland

Serena Williams

Most notable of the pictures is Mrs. Michelle Obama, whose photo sits smack dab in the middle of the gallery looking as elegant and strong as ever.

We all know the Obamas and Carters have been close for a while now, remember when Jay said he “running through the White House in a mink like that shit was his house going through the halls like a mall”? Yeah, me too.

Michelle Obama

Blue Ivy Carter

There has always been a lot of respect exchanged between the two power couples and it’s great to see Michelle continue that tradition.

The gallery seemed to serve more of a purpose than just a celebration though as a donation link stood at the top of the page leading to help Beyonce’s hometown of Houston as they continue to recover from the recent impact of Hurricane Harvey.

The city’s favorite daughter has pledged to help as much as possible with her BeyGood team and reportedly has already given $7 million.

Michelle Williams

Ms. Gloria Carter

Her Houston pastor Rev. Rudy Rasmus told TMZ that Beyonce isn’t the flashy type and always shows out for Houston behind the scenes so that $7 million check probably isn’t getting confirmed anytime soon.

Peep the gallery at and use the donation link at the top if you want to show your support for Houston during these trying times.

Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson