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On his 31st birthday, a brief history of Drake getting curved to the 6 and back

Drake, everyone’s favorite cornball, turned 31 today.

The Toronto rapper truly eschewed in a new sound in hip-hop, bringing a more sensitive and emotional brand of rap that has been taken up by artists in the new generation.

But for all of October’s Very Own’s impact on the rap game, he’s also a figure in pop culture. He’s acted, become the ambassador of sports teams like the Toronto Raptors, and put on new artists like The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, and dvsn.

Most importantly, Drizzy has literally built a brand off his own thirst. Whether it’s his songs, his tattoos, or his studio decorations, Drake will always unabashedly shoot his shot.

But, as any shooter knows, shooting your shot comes with its discontents. For every shot that splashes, another is curved to smithereens.

So, without further ado, I present a handful of instances of Drizzy getting curved.

Rihanna says ‘oh nah’

Drake has long lusted after RiRi in music videos, in his lyrics, and just generally in his life.

The pair dated at some point, but Drake seems intent on keeping the flame alive no matter what.

At the 2016 VMAs, Rihanna presented Drake with the Vanguard Award. As Drizzy was going up to accept his award, he tried to kiss Rihanna, who expertly diverted him away and made curve history in her slick rejection.

That’s some very impressive curve form.

Skylar Diggins

Another high-profile target of Drake’s desire is WNBA point guard Skylar Diggins.

Back in 2014, Drake posted a bunch of pictures of Diggins to his Instagram (the thirstiest device available), which didn’t go over too well with Diggins’ then boyfriend, and now husband, Daniel Smith.

Smith posted a picture with Diggins and @-ed Drake.

Then Drake went full thirst and posted a picture wearing Diggins’ jersey.

It all culminated when Drake read a love poem to Diggins at the 2014 ESPYs and Diggins landed a very friendzoney kiss on Drake’s thirsty headtop.

Drake does seem to love an award show curving.

Jhene Aiko

While hosting SNL back in 2014, Drake brought songstress Jhene Aiko onstage to perform their song “From Time”.

After the show, Drake went right in for a hug with Jhene, but she saw what was going down and immediately turned around in classic curve fashion.

Drake, trying to bring himself back from the curving, went in for the hug from behind anyways and the result was a very weird double hug thing.

Shoutout Drizzy. Shooters shoot.