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Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze escorted out of town for calling hookers

Just six weeks before Ole Miss is set to open its season against Alabama, coach Hugh Freeze resigned effective immediately Thursday night, a stunning move that will surely hurt an ascendant program.

ESPN is reporting that Ole Miss athletic department officials found a pattern of phone calls to a number associated with a female escort service.

Freeze might have a been a nice god-fearing man in public, but my man was trying to get it in.

“While Coach Freeze served our university well in many regards during his tenure, we simply cannot accept the conduct in his personal life that we have discovered,” Vitter said.

It is clear from his Twitter page that Freeze has a deep relationship with the man upstairs. His bio reads:


His decision to resign is very sus: Freeze will leave roughly $13 million on the table over the next three years.

Freeze is a master recruiter who turned around a once dormant program.

Ole Miss had been on the brink of making a National Championship for several seasons but had never turned that elusive corner and entered the upper-echelon of college football.

Ole Miss Athletic Director Ross Bjork didn’t comment on the number of phone calls made to numbers similar to the female escort service or how far back the calls went.

He also said that not all of them were connected to different escort services, but that they were similar in nature. He said the pattern of calls was “troubling.”

Well then.

Maybe these calls explain how Ole Miss suddenly being one of the best recruiting programs in the country.