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Oh no, baby what is you doin’? Master P meeting Tomi Lahren was a terrible idea

This week, the founder of No Limit Records, the man that narrated Solange’s timely Seat at A Table, the Ice Cream man himself, thought it was a good idea to sit down with none other than Tomi Lahren.

Now, if you don’t know who Tomi Lauren is, you’re not missing much. But for a quick catch-up, she’s the barbie doll right-winged enthusiast who captured the imagination of conservative millennials everywhere by coming at Jay Z, Beyonce, Colin Kaepernick, and others back when she hosted her own segment at conservative website The Blaze.

After being fired by Glenn Beck when she revealed her support for abortion rights, Fox News picked her up and right on cue, she’s coming for the thing that has the most influence on her audience and all of pop culture: hip-hop.

In the interview, Master P honestly looks wet behind the ears — he’s completely oblivious to what he has gotten himself into. They start off the conversation by relating to being attacked in the media, sharing encouraging words like “no one hunts small deer” in reference to the significance of being singled out.

But, as anyone properly trained in media would, Tomi eventually led the conversation to appeal to the very platform they were on, using Master P in the process.

Of the topics she subtly slid in were capitalism, where Master P cooly stated that the rappers are only claim the Democratic Party and floss with money because they’re young and that they need to grow up (huh?).

Tomi even went as far as to call Master P the ultimate Capitalist and to insisted that he was very pro limited government. I’m positive he had no clue he was subscribing to ideas that meant no tax cuts for the rich and potentially going against free lunches for kids, but that’s the reason he had no business meeting with her or Fox News in the first place.

Charlamagne Tha God and Trevor Noah learned this the hard way after receiving heavy backlash when Noah brought her on Daily Show last year and when Charla met with her and got coffee because he wanted “people to know Tomi.”

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She did nothing but reiterate her own ideas and beliefs without listening to the other side on Trevor Noah’s program and ultimately Charlamagne decided not to bring her on his morning radio show Power 105.1 after meeting her and seeing that giving someone like her a platform would not be productive.

Yet, somehow Master P still found it necessary to sit down with her. He told TMZ that every time she had an interview it was hostile and about Black and white and he wanted to show her it was not about that. He went on to say that the problem is not with her and that we need to “fix ourselves first.”

Fighting hate with love is good and all and would make for a great line in a children’s book, but the rap mogul surely has to be smarter than that.

Getting on Fox News and saying that the issue ‘starts with us’ is doing none other than normalizing and reinforcing the ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ mentality that conservatives use to demean the Black community.

He didn’t even counter with points stating that institutions held by people that look like her, everyday, combat the capitalist endeavors that she’s promoting.

I don’t know what Master P thought he was doing, but usually when someone has something bad to say about Beyonce, they’re not to be trusted. I guess like Birdman, Master P too has let the mogul life get to him.