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Off-Roading Is Pretty Fire, But Buying An ATV Is Simple

All-terrain vehicles aka ATVs dominate the off-road scene in the USA –  and there’s plenty of it. The US Forest Service estimates there are over 700 utterly wild areas of the country to experience, and many of them are traversable by durable off-road vehicles, giving you the perfect excuse to get out of the city.

There are literally hundreds of choices to make, however, and so it’s helpful to have a straightforward process when purchasing your vehicle.

Cost and financing

ATVs tend to be quite affordable. A basic 125cc vehicle will only cost $1,065, with the more powerful versions ranking up to $12,499 – still more affordable than most cars. As a result, they’re easy to pay for out of pocket or, if you’re willing to look at credit, unlikely to create huge payments for you.

Furthermore, with many ATV financing tied to the purchase of the vehicle and offering preferential rates, it’s worthwhile shopping around for the best ATV loans if you decide to use something other than your own assets. With the vehicle in hand, this is often where your costs stop; many ATV trails,  like the West Virginia estates, are cheap to use, and maintenance is often cheap, too.

Finding out what you need

With a budget in place, you can look at what type of ATV you need. If you want to have a simple time on the trail or around your property, anything under 550cc will be fine, according to Height plays a big factor; if you’re over 5’10, you’ll need something over 400cc.

If you’re hoping to take on exciting trails and go fast, you’ll want to push your purchase into the 550cc+ range. Most vehicles go up to 1000cc, at which point you’ll have an elite model in your hands. This is ALSO useful for tough terrains, such as muddy embankments.

Where costs may rise

While ATVs are entirely safe in the hands of responsible owners, the minority of users that act in a reckless way are responsible for pushing up insurance premiums. One study found that some can expect a 15% increase in their health insurance premium if declaring ATV usage. This can easily be reduced by the use of a helmet and by having quality checks on your vehicle.

With that in hand, you’ll be equipped to buy your ATV. It really is that simple – and cheap – and can get you enjoying the outdoors in alternative ways in no time at all. Take your time with your purchase to ensure it’s suitable, and, most importantly, stay safe.