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Of course you can cop your ‘Oprah 2020’ presidential merch already

Upon the recent news (or speculation) that Oprah might be running for president, comes some more news to tack onto that: You can already buy her merchandise.

There’s every kind of merchandise you can think of; caps, mugs, pencils, pillows, scarves, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, the list goes on and on.

The woman has given one slightly politically-toned speech and “Oprah 2020” is already seen everywhere.

FuckJerry partnered up with PizzaSlime on some #Oprah2020 shirts, hats, and hoodies. Check out some of the pieces in the collection:



OPRAH 2020 HOODIE (FUCKJERRY x PIZZASLIME)Crazy to To think that her run hasn’t even been confirmed and this is going on, imagine when/if Oprah actually runs?

I hope that if she isn’t thinking about running, which seems to be a possibility, she will still consider it, seeing how strongly people are supporting this.

Donald Trump thinks he is able to beat Oprah as a presidential candidate, but of all the celebrities who have mentioned the possibility of becoming president, this is the most engaging response we’ve gotten from our nation in a while.

You can even find her merchandise on sites like Etsy now. There are even  little buttons that say “Winfrey/Hanks, 2020” available.

Still, there are many skeptical people out there. Some don’t believe that a celebrity should be a politician period. Many news outlets, such as the Washington post and Huffington Post, have written about their disagreement with this wave.

From the Huffington Post:

“Please let’s not do this again. Liberals want badly to believe they aren’t complicit in the Trump phenomenon, but what else was Trump but an expression of the same skepticism toward the actual work of politics that’s currently fueling the liberal Oprah fantasy? The dream is that Oprah is such a specimen of perfect virtue that she will create consensus wherever she walks.”

Yeah, she brings up a good point. Politicians are scrutinized down to their every move, and Oprah running for president will not shield her of that perusal.

Regardless of how you feel, this merch is cute AF, so I would snag some now.