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Odell Beckham goes off on double standard in the NFL. Is he right?

He may be sidelined with a fractured ankle but that doesn’t mean has nothing to say.

On their way to a 23-3 win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr took to Twitter to express his opinion on Tom Brady’s abrasive behavior towards Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Odell may have a point though. Tom’s outburst on Sunday was not the first for the five-time Super Bowl Champion but it seems that whenever it happens it’s brushed under the rug or laughed about.

Take a look at Tom Sunday night talking to his offensive coordinator. Brady’s “passion” is the same behavior or “antics” that Odell has been accused of distracting his team with. It makes you wonder if it comes down to winning, coaching personnel, or something more sinister. Either way, there is clearly a double standard.

Because what’s the difference between Brady on Sunday and what Odell was doing here against the Giants rival the Washington Redskins?

From Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco to Randy Moss, the NFL’s greatest wideouts have always been Prima Donnas and Odell is no different, but if the media is going to call out one super talented star for his love of the game, why won’t they do the same to another?

Odell explained himself further in his tweets.

Why have there not be unsavory headlines about Brady? Why is his lack of a cool head brushed off as passion for the game and not Odell’s?

Brady’s explanation for his outburst was even more downplayed. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reported that “McDaniels started that sideline argument by telling Brady multiple times Gronk was ‘wide open’ on the incompletion to Cooks.”

“It’s just football,” Brady added after the game, per Howe. “We’ve been around each other a lot. I love Josh.”

Being that Odell is home watching games instead of on the sidelines, I’m sure it gives him a completely different perspective — one that he had to talk about on Sunday.

As the NFL and “the shield” continues to see money and ad sales disappear, maybe catering to players — their health, personal expression, and pockets — would be a great start to turning that around.

If there continues to be a double standard like this, the NFL won’t have talents like Beckham wanting to even join the league in the future.