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NYPD cop who bodied James Blake countersues for making him look racist

So, a black professional tennis player, a white NYPD officer, and the policeman’s lawyer walk into a bar. What does the lawyer say to the tennis pro? You’re sued!

Two years ago, NYPD officer James Frascatore tackled and arrested retired tennis pro James Blake in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan. Blake is no gangster or credit card scammer, but that’s the reason Frascatore took him to the ground.

Thank god the ordeal was caught on camera. In the footage, you can see Blake just chilling, minding his own business. Then shwam, he goes to the ground, gets bagged, and taken away.

Peep the injustice.

The ordeal rattled Blake and left him with a cut to his left elbow and bruises. Cops held Blake for 15 minutes before realizing their mistake. Frascatore avoided any criminal charges hiding behind the power of his badge. But he couldn’t hide from the headlines.

In an interview with the New York Daily News in 2015, Blake said,

“It was definitely scary and definitely crazy. In my mind there’s probably a race factor involved, but no matter what there’s no reason for anybody to do that to anybody.”

Frascatore is now saying those same headlines and comments in the media have had a negative impact on his life. He’s looking to sue Blake and the NYPD for throwing him under the bus. He’s snitching on Harper Collins Publishers, which released Blake’s book, Ways of Grace as well.

Whoo, this man is brazen AF!

It was a terrible arrest but don’t blame the victim for your investigative team’s mistake. Frascatore claimed in an interview with the New York Post that his supervisors told him that Blake was armed and closely resembled the suspect.

“People need to realize that with the information I had at the time and the circumstances that presented themselves, it was the right call…”

Frascatore continued,

“I have a family to go home to. I’m on a crowded sidewalk, with a possibly armed suspect in the middle of 42nd Street. You have to take control of the situation. I can’t just be pulling out my gun.”

The first time I’m hearing that come out of a cop’s mouth. Normally, it’s shoot first and ask questions after. Imagine if he shot James Blake, Frascatore would be just like Terry from the movie The Other Guys, when he shot Derek Jeter.

The lawsuit claims slander and emotional distress as Frascatore maintains that Blake made him “look like a racist goon” and after buying Blake’s book it made him “very angry and upset while reading it.”

Beyond belief!

How are you going to tackle someone and then try to take their bread?

Yo, Frascatore, I hope you never ever get that scrilla. Blake, stay up my guy, this fool isn’t getting anything from you.