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NYC strippers are on strike and we should hear them out

If you follow Cardi B on Instagram at all, you’ve probably watched a couple of her relatable video rants.

In particular, a subject Cardi is keen on discussing is the treatment of strippers. She talks about the way strippers are often viewed and mistreated by people.

It’s annoying

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But now we have another issue come to light in the world of stripping for money.

This controversy seems to be focused on the mistreatment the dancers receive from their fellow colleagues, bartenders and now a group of NYC strippers are going on strike.

From MTO News,

“According to the DE FACTO LEADER of the NYC Stripper Strike – a dancer named Gizelle – bartenders get preferential treatment at NYC clubs. And the drink pourers often make MORE money than the dancers – even though they NEVER have to take off their clothes.”

Taken from The Shade Room:

As bartenders continue to steal the spotlight and mistreat the dancers, it seems they aren’t the only ones who are disrespecting.

Racism becomes a factor in the way the strippers are regarded too.

Brown and Black dancers who are looking to work high-earning nights (i.e. when a celebrity comes in) are allegedly facing serious discrimination when it comes to being able to dance when they want.

This video was posted 5 days ago…. this has been spoken about before me….

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NYC is blowing up with responses. Bossip highlights DJ KaySlay’s response to the whole ordeal through an Instagram post.

He says, “Personally I feel they should drop both titles ‘Strippers and Bartenders’ because it’s all the same shit now!”

I see the ladies beefing in NY Now, Dancers vs the Bartenders. Smh… We all have to just face the fact that it’s a new day, It was a time where bartenders were only allowed to serve drinks and didn’t wear the same attire as the dancers. The ladies did not change that rule the clubs did, And social media made it where some promoters ( not all ) will use popular ladies who never bartended in their life, to bartend at their events an most of all use their IG celebrity to make their fans come out on their nights! New Day! Customers like new shit everything changes , so now it’s a matter of dancers and bartenders having to get their fans to come spend money on them in order to eat, fair is fair I get that also. But here is the Fukery, What I do understand and acknowledge is that there is RACISM against black woman in most of these NY strip clubs! It has been going on for a while now it didn’t just start? At some of my events when it’s celebrities in the VIP I have to grab the black women by their hands and pull them into VIP. My last event this security clown would not let a black dancer in VIP, I told him it’s my event let her up there , this fool told me no, I told him you getting paid tonight because of me let her up, he still shook his head, Now we was about to get on his skull , but I wasn’t about to fuk up my own event, so I had to get a manager to check his dumb ass, then I removed his stupid ass from his post!! So if that’s the argument that’s being pushed as far as racism, then I have to agree, They don’t let black women on stage when it’s big money in the building or VIP, Unless you have built a name for yourself, So knowing this everyone needs to step their game up a notch an get it right!! Or try another state because this is how they playing, but it shouldn’t be the ladies beefing with each other because it’s not the ladies who set the rules!! But as far as telling women because they bartend they not supposed to eat, it’s a new day , not saying it’s the way that its supposed to be, but times change an ppl can do what they want with their club.. Personally I feel they should drop both titles “Strippers and Bartenders” because it’s all the same shit now!

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“Thank you everyone!!! I just want to say, I stopped dancing in New York before this started and for these reasons! So we’re doing this for all of us!!! #NYCstripperstrike,” Writes one striker, under her caption.

The strippers of NYC have even had a few meet up sessions to discuss the issues at hand. This shit seems pretty serious, so it’s interesting to see how far this is going to go.

Maybe all the strippers of the world will unite and we’ll see a change in bartending forever?

One things for sure, our ladies deserve to keep every dollar earned after a long night of work.