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NYC Artist T$unami811 harnesses his energy with collective ‘Bad Genes’

Amidst the modern-day renaissance leading creatives to realize the power of ownership over their work through cultivating their own brand, New York City-bred artist T$unami811 and his record label ‘Bad Genes’ seeks to contribute towards the cause in a unique fashion.

T$unami looks to take advantage of his momentum in 2021 following his Foreword EP, “Gokunami: Power Up,” and single “Bittersweet Harmony” released last year.

My conversation with the NYC artist about his label’s newest project revealed the pure intentions that he puts toward his music and collective…


Influenced by the blues, jazz, and gospel he grew up on, T$unami developed an eclectic music taste at an early age.

Eventually adding hip hop legends like Kanye West and 50 Cent to his palette, music from his upbringing set the foundation.

The soulful nature of T$unami’s music taste also evoked a profound cognizance regarding the energy he puts into his music…

“Through many different experiences, I realized that I needed to treat myself with love not only for myself but for listeners who hear my music… In the last project (Bittersweet Harmony) I wanted to show that side of me through my story.”


Creativity for the NYC artist has no limits

Despite an erratic 2020, the NYC artist credits his effectiveness to prioritizing his time to reflect and sharpen his craft.

T$unami explained his drive to max out his potential, still referring to complacency as the biggest roadblock people are faced with.

“One of the worst things we do as artists and human beings overall is to box ourselves in, we love to give ourselves titles and that’s cool but what else… Our minds have the capacity to achieve so much but we limit ourselves because of what society has in mind for us.”


Allowing his talent and imagination to guide the way, ‘Gokunami’ and ‘Bittersweet Harmony’ also proved to be his best projects yet.

With tracks like ‘Stairway to Hell,’ ‘Fantasy,’ ‘Later 2020,’ ‘GIFT/CURSE,’ and ‘BUILDING WITH BOB,’ T$unami811 displays his artistic versatility.

It’s necessary to mention that the Lower East Side native produced all of these tracks. Both projects also show that T$unami is an artist whose music reflects his feelings rather than what’s trending.

Bad Genes

The NYC artist focused his energy towards expanding his collective and record label ‘Bad Genes.’

Bad Genes Vlog

Bad Genes redefines the traditional record label as their roster consists of musicians, photographers, videographers, and designers.

With the creation of its studio in progress, Bad Genes is establishing a space where creatives can pursue their passion.

T$unami went in-depth about the collective’s inspiration, stemming from people’s potential to cultivate the lives they want to create.

“The idea behind it is good kids, bad genes… Your life is what you make it to be. And music is one of the purest forms of manifestation. So you can create what you want in your life just by saying it and ultimately doing it.”


The NYC artist and Bad Genes are creating a community of distinctiveness, establishing them as a promising entity.

Be sure to listen to ‘Gokunami: Power Up’ and ‘Bittersweet Harmony.’

And also be on the lookout for all that T$unami has to offer this year…