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Now that Kodak Black is free, should he go to college? He thinks so.

After being released from the Broward County Jail earlier this month, Kodak Black is a free man… again.

His latest run-in with the law reached it’s conclusion last week after the Florida native completed 7 months for violating probation in an arrest in January.

Now, via his Twitter, he is expressing interest in formal education, asking his fans:

As you can imagine, students from all over began to chime in with suggestions. The loudest though was the request for him to attend the University of Florida.

Seeing that Kodak has a knack for being in and out of jail, it makes sense that he has more constructive goals for himself.

Possession of a stolen firearm, rape, and child neglect are just a few of the charges on Kodak Black’s record and as he regains his freedom once again, one has to wonder if the classroom is the solution.

The notion of college as the end-all-be-all to make it in this world was a popular thought not even a decade ago. Now, you have major CEOs and billionaire entrepreneurs saying college is hogwash. The shift has been monumental and swift.

Even still, one has to admire where Kodak’s head is, and he’s not the first.

Nick Cannon began pursuit of his formal education at the age of 35 at Howard University and Chicago product Lil Bibby enrolled at Illinois State University to earn a degree in computer engineering just in 2016. Not to mention Swizz Beats recently graduated from Harvard!

Kodak, 21, earned his high school diploma while incarcerated back in June. If you look back on his Instagram at the time, you’ll see that even then, a higher education was always in his sights.

Announcing on Instagram: “I just received my high school diploma today and although it is a big accomplishment for me I am yearning for more.”

Seeing that he always has a way with words, educating himself more can only sharpen the rapper. Either way, let’s hope he stays out of trouble and keeps releasing music.

As for where Lil Kodak could possibly enroll, UF really does make the most sense. It’s not too far from his hometown of Pampano Beach and he was already rockin’ the varsity jacket in his video for “Transportin”. Could be hot!