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No Cap: Is the Tekashi 69 court case ruling the best thing for his rap career?

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Rapper 6ix9ine went to court on Dec. 18, with a strong possibility of being released from jail. Instead? He has been sentenced to two years in prison. Wahhh.

The rainbow-haired Brooklyn rapper has already been in jail for 13 months, and it is thought his time served will be included in the sentence, paving the way for him to be released November 2020.

6ix9ine was one of the biggest artists in the world for a year-and-a-half span before he was arrested on racketeering charges. His story was emblematic of the quick rise-and-fall in popularity of the music industry, and more generally, the times we live in.

6ix9ine was done dirty by his team when they stole his money whereafter he proceeded to snitch on them in court, prompting memes and outcry from locals and celebrities alike.

With the memes and documentation of the court case and 69’s snitching, the curly-haired clown stayed in the public consciousness enough. Then December approached, and it was expected that due to his compliance and testimony, 69 would be released from prison.

Think of the intrigue, think of the jokes, think of the (both real and metaphorical) shots at 69 had he been walking the streets a free man today. 69 is about as polarizing an artist as I can remember; whether you hate him or love him, you definitely have an opinion.

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There are so many questions about the circumstances surrounding 69 once released. Will he venture out into the public often, will he still be his loud, cocky self? Will he still rap about the things he once did, or will his flow sound completely different than what it was before?

Will he still talk shit and post-Instagram videos like this one?

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For now, we don’t know. We can only wait and imagine. 69’s sentencing comes as a shocking blow to fans of his music, jokes, and fans of drama in general.

Whatever 69 has cooking up or ready to release when he gets out is going to be entertaining at the very least. But to not see it before the holidays? Sickkkk.

With Bobby Shmurda getting out this summer, and 69 being released a few months after him, 2020 is already looking crazy from the jump.

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What would have happened If Six Nine got out of jail 🤣 #justinrichburgmadeit Like, comment and share! #6ix9ine #djakademiks

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