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Nipsey Hussle’s NYC Irving Plaza performance was a Victory Lap to remember

On Monday, June 4 Nipsey Hussle brought Crenshaw to New York City two times in one night, performing back to back shows at Irving Plaza.

The West Coast vibes connected effortlessly with the NYC concertgoers waiting in line for the 7 PM show as they listened to shuffledVictory Lap tracks blaring from a lone speaker sitting in the back of a sleek black 64′ Chevy Impala.

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The scenery was epic as fans anxiously gripped their complimentary Victory Lap face towels and CDs. You could tell that they’ve been waiting for this for a long time and that it was truly special that the LA rapper picked NYC as one of the first tour stops on his debut album’s tour.

Inside, from the VIP wrap around balcony, you could tell that the crowd was a sea of Nipsey Hussle fans as they sported their exclusive Victory Lap tour merch in respect to the hip-hop prophet that was about to perform.

Nipsey Hussle | June 2018 Thank You @kulturehub for the access!

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As fans waited they were graced with the presence of Funkmaster Flex. He crushed the boards and trolled fans by playing Lil’ Pump’s “Gucci Gang” until he voiced that the hip-hop entertainer was garbage and jumped into a playlist where each song paid homage to NY’s greatest rappers.

Flex was truly locked in…

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After a quick opening set from Flex, blue stage lights pointed down on an empty stage creating the right ambiance for Hussle’s grand entrance. The anticipation from the crowd could be felt throughout Irving Plaza and when Hussle arrived he was greeted with a warm roar of excitement.

Upon swagging his way to the stage in his blue plaid flannel, fresh white Pumas, and two gold chains carrying medallions around neck, Hussle expressed his gratitude to the NYC crowd before jumping into his set with the lead-off track to the album, “Victory Lap.”

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With a live band playing behind Hussle each song performed off of Victory Lap was a spiritual experience. Every fan was sonically in sync as they rapped back Hussle’s lyrics and recited some of his bars word for word.

It got even better as Hussle brought out three artists that he’s worked with, Bino Rideaux, Cobby Supreme, and J-Stone. All three live features were the cherry on top to this memorable performance.

Hussle poured his soul out and got even closer with his fans after he took it back performing songs off of his 2013 mixtape Crenshaw.  Every song performed ignited a reaction from the crowd that made it possible to see how Hussle’s music has touched a generation.

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Hussle’s performance definitely left a mark on all those who attended the Irving Plaza concert. If you were in the crowd that night you had to have felt like you were a part of a legendary experience.

If you haven’t copped tickets yet make sure you do as Hussle definitely set the tone in NYC for the rest of his tour.  Hopefully, fans and music lovers attending the upcoming shows will have the same experience in their cities.


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