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Nipsey Hussle opens up co-working space in native Crenshaw District

Nipsey Hussle, the Crenshaw District native fresh off his first major studio album withVictory Lap, is trying to bring his success to his community, opening a professional co-working space called Vector90 in Crenshaw.

Partnering up with business partner and entrepreneur David Gross, who is also from the Crenshaw District, Nipsey and Gross are bringing economy and industry to their local neighborhood, an area that’s been underserved and forgotten by the powers that be over the years.

David Gross told CBS Los Angeles that he’s been the recipient of certain opportunities and opening this space is the first step to helping bring that fortune to his community, “I always think there would be a lot of people in my shoes had they had those breaks.”

CBS spoke to Desha Greene, a member of Vector90 who previously had to hold meetings in local coffee shops before grabbing her own business space. She told CBS about what it means to see a working space in this area,

“I grew up around here and there is absolutely no space like this. Traffic coming in and out, or, you know, babies crying… It’s home for me. I want to see the people in my community win.”

Desha also said that her twin girls will attend the STEM classes that Nipsey Hussle and Gross plan on implementing at Vector90.

This is clearly the first step from Gross and Nipsey towards their larger plan of opening STEM schools in Los Angeles, Atlanta, DC, and underserved neighborhoods all over the country.

Nipsey has spoken about his intention of bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and these communities.

Shoutout Nipsey for spreading his success to his neighborhood.