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Nipsey Hussle drops mini-doc, encourages black-owned business in L.A.

Nipsey Hussle has stepped his game up. Hussle will be opening the first official Marathon Clothing flagship store Saturday, June 17th.

While interviewing with Power 106 Los Angeles, Nipsey promised to drop a documentary on WSHH telling us the story behind the location of his new store.

The store will open in the parking lot where Nipsey came up, on the corner of Crenshaw Blvd. and Slauson Ave., right behind the Shell gas station.

During the interview with Power 106 LA, Nipsey explained how he could have opened it on Fairfax or on Melrose, but he felt a responsibility to the place he came from and wants to focus on redeveloping the area.

Nipsey has an emotional connection to the spot. He wants the store to offer hope, putting pressure on surrounding businesses to step their game up and provide jobs to those who wouldn’t find employment elsewhere.

The documentary depicts the struggles of what it took to finally obtain 3420 W. Slauson Ave #F Los Angeles, CA 90043. The video takes the Plaza back in time. This is where the marathon began.

Listen to interviews of those who grew up around Nipsey and watch clips of old videos showing us what it took for Hussle to finally reach this point.

You can see the gears turning in Nip’s head whenever the camera snaps back to him. Viewers will see this is the vision of a hustler. Being able to see someone come from nothing and create is the ultimate inspiration. Nipsey was able to turn his street hustling into something substantial, see it come to fruition in the doc.