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Nicki Minaj sexualizes Pocahontas in IG post, which isn’t a great look

Last week, Paper magazine released photos of the Nicki Minaj “Minaj A Trois” shoot- and boy were they hot.

Nicki broke the internet much like Kim Kardashian did in 2014. The photoshoot made headlines for a couple of days, with Nicki sharing pictures on her Instagram.

When fans started drawing their renditions of the pictures, Nicki posted that, too.

“Which one should get hung up in my Barbie room? I’m torn between the bad bunnies, the horses & Pocahontas,” reads the caption.

This sparked an onslaught of community response, calling Nicki out for disrespecting Native Americans.

Bitch Media has now launched a platform against Nicki’s actions. Their top argument that Nicki was the only one to consent to such a photoshoot. “Millions” of Native American girls and women did not ask for Pocahontas to be represented in such a way.

“These sexualized representations are not benign: We cannot end violence against Native women and girls if it’s continually normalized. To ignore sexual violence against Native women is to ignore Native women, and if Native women are not seen as fully, beautifully human, we will continue to be victimized and rendered invisible.”

For others, it’s Nicki’s participation in the hypersexual culture that still exists, with outlets like Wear Your Voice calling her out for doing the photoshoot in the first place.

“If we continue to ignore the voices of our fellow marginalized peoples, we have no hope of moving towards an inclusive and equitable future for all of us. Nicki needs to be held accountable for her mistake, as all of us should be held accountable when we’re being problematic.”

Nicki’s been the face for female empowerment before. If that is a title she wants to keep, then it’s best she actually stop and listen to what the community is telling her.

An apology seems to be what the Native American community is looking for. Let’s see if it’ll happen.