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NFT houses offer virtual getaways and new digital affordances

NFTs have expanded from a simple labor of love into an absolute behemoth through continual growth and mass adoption. Thanks to Krista Kim, the first-ever digital getaway NFT house has been minted and sold for over $500,000 on Super Rare. These NFT houses offer owners the possibility for a virtual getaway as well as digital affordances.

Minting proves provenance

NFT this… NFT that. It seems that NFTs are popping up left and right in our ever-evolving universe.

For those unaware, NFT stands for nonfungible token, which provides digitization through a ‘minting’ process.

digital getaway
Krista Kim’s Mars House in night vision from a distance (Credit: Krista Kim)

‘Mint’ is the usable world for verification and officially marks an NFT as a redeemable item capable of sale, transfer, modification etc.

As decentralization of current systemic structures begins to set in – NFTs play a pivotal role in that process. They deal with basic primitives such as ownership, transfer, and simple access control to online assets. 

As a whole, cryptocurrency and NFTs are disruptors. As we experience a mass transition into digitization, a major change is inevitable. Suffice to say, change is never easy but it will be swift. 

Multipurposed and multifaceted use cases bring endless possibilities.

Supercharged NFT industries aim to be frictionless 

When it comes to techism and digitization innovation is paramount. Being able to separate yourself within any endeavor will always be pivotal. As of this very moment, NFT platforms are so nascent and brand new that there are countless limitations. 

virtual getaway
Mars House master bedroom (Credit: Krista Kim)

As disruptive creatives, it is our goal to shatter barriers en route to testing and stretching parameters. Therefore, we must utilize outside-of-the-box thinking. Realize that everything happens for a reason and in order to evolve you must continually strategize different movement mechanisms.

NFT homes give release from reality through streams of consciousness

An NFT home represents a digital asset that is synonymous with self-expression and livelihood enrichment. These homes are collaborative, immersive and exist within a metaverse. Digital assets contain strong value propositions because they appreciate over time. 

digital getaway
Mars House outdoor space (Credit: Krista Kim)

How exactly do these NFT homes garner value? Well, first it is imperative to build with sustainable materials that might translate to real life. Some examples include glass, steel and LED walls as architectural substrates. 

Second, they must be scalable to translate into reality. As a social asset, there are well-calculated steps that can be taken to shift the current landscape and preserve parallel worlds.

NFT houses serve as an online oasis

More and more people are seeking harmony through escapism and meditative states of well-being. It is clear that an NFT home can provide this sense of relief as a continuum of fluidity and virtual getaway. 

nft houses
Curate a life worth living – that way getaways are purely enjoyed (via Quino)

Nothing was ever achieved within your comfort zone rather achievement exists within the throws of constant flux and change. This rapid evolution has already begun and NFTs are certainly a barometer of our modern era. 

Whatever you do, do not discredit or devalue NFTs because they are not going anywhere anytime soon. In essence, be a producer, not a consumer, and see if that doesn’t boost your overall disposition within this world.