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New York’s own MAFIA B drops his first collaborative EP, ‘What The F**K’

The last time we spoke to Mafia B, we discussed his passion for music and Origins, a live event series he started with Dysco, spreading their love of techno music throughout the NYC community.

A lot has changed with the world since then, namely the effects of Covid. And that’s forced the DJ to shift his focus to an area of music that he’s just as passionate bout: producing.

Mafia B, aka Bryan Fein, spent his quarantine perfecting his craft. And this has culminated with the release of his new EP, titled ‘What The F**K’.

We had the chance to catch up with him ahead of the drop where he told Kulture Hub:

“Covid has definitely made a great impact in the way I create music now. With the absence of shows, I decided to put 100 percent of my focus into becoming a better musician and producer. I had the time to figure out how to really express myself through music.”

Mafia B

‘What The F**K’

What’s different about this EP from past projects is his focus on collaborating with different artists to provide a unique range of vocals. From singers to lyricists, Bryan pushed his creativity to new levels. He told KH:

“For this project in particular, I wanted to work with vocalists with original vocals. I wanted to continue to learn the process of recording live locals and to understand how each artist works in the studio. I couldn’t be more grateful to work with these artists, On Smash and Petite Celine.”

Mafia B

The track ‘What You Came For,’ featuring On Smash, is a banger that shows the new epic hip-hop style Mafia B is adding to his repertoire.

For their first collab together, you can already hear chemistry that we look forward to hearing more of in the future.

mafia b on smash
Yekaterina Gyadu

On how this song came together, Bryan explained,

“What You Came For, featuring On Smash, was 100% spontaneous. I just so happened to be in the studio hanging out with J.Leon, who is an engineer based in NYC, and the next thing I know, On Smash stopped by to hang. I showed him a few of my tracks to see if he wanted to take a shot at freestyling. He liked the instrumentals of one of the tracks, we had J.Loen record him, then I took the vocals home to process them. The rest was history. Sometimes the things that are unplanned have the best outcome.”

Mafia B

The range of Mafia B

The second feature comes on the track ‘Phoenix’ featuring Petite Celine. This song delivers a completely different vibe and shows you the range Mafia B is coming with.

As for what we can expect, Bryan can’t say too much now. But he promises there will be more content and surprises in the coming weeks.

You can expect a month worth of me promoting this EP to the bone. I have a few surprises along the way for my fans and followers. I’d say keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come.

Stream ‘What The F**K’ on Spotify and SoundCloud today. And follow Mafia B on Instagram for more updates to come!