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New study proves Americans don’t believe the Constitution keeps it 100

“If you could go back in time and grab Thomas Jefferson and bring him to 2018, his first question would be ‘You guys didn’t write any new shit?’ Dude, I wrote that with a feather. I did it by fire! That’s the only way I could see what I was writing. You lazy fucks…” – Joe Rogan, Strange Times

A new study commissioned by James Madison’s Montpelier examined the American perception of the Constitution and found that 80 percent of us are worried about our rights being taken away.

According to the research, another 76 percent of Americans believed that their rights are not as secure and stable as they were in the past. The results from the nationally representative survey of 2,500 Americans prove that the wisdom of the scroll needs to be adjusted.

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In regards to protection and value, 91 percent of Americans believe that the Constitution is important and protects their rights. Still, 73 percent of Americans barely think about their rights unless they’re in an educational setting or confronted with legal issues.

According to Kat Imhoff, president, and CEO of James Madison’s Montpelier, it’s important that “we, as a people, can ensure that everyone in American society can realize the full promise of human freedom outlined in the Constitution.”

During these times of extreme political and societal turmoil, it’s key that we understand our rights as free citizens. Prevalent, hot-button issues like gun control, unlawful police conduct, blatant racism, gender disparities, minority rights, and even athletes protesting the National Anthem prove that there is a problem.

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The right to bear arms is archaic, but Americans believe the Second Amendment is one of the most important issues facing the nation. According to the study, 61 percent of Americans want more restrictions on gun ownership.

Ahead of gun rights, 90 percent of Americans say civil rights, data privacy, voting rights, and freedom of the press are personally important to them.

On an ethnic level, minority groups are shook! Thirty-eight percent of Blacks are more likely than whites (26 percent) to say that they think about their rights frequently or very frequently.

In fact, more than 65 percent of Americans believe that ethnic minorities do not experience the constitutional rights to which they are entitled. Not to mention, that 62 percent of Blacks and 45 percent of Hispanics are far more likely than whites to believe that civil rights are the most important Constitutional issue to the nation.

Hasan Kwame James Jeffries, author and history professor at The Ohio State University threw in his two cents. He said,

“While more people enjoy Constitutional guarantees today than ever before, this research demonstrates that full equality under the law remains elusive, and there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to ensuring all Americans feel secure and protected under the Constitution.”

The proof is in the data. The Montpelier study revealed that most Americans (47%) feel that the Constitution should be amended at least occasionally compared to the 16 percent of Americans who said that the Constitution shouldn’t be amended at all.

When it comes to adjusting the “parchment papers” 61 percent of Americans believe there should be more restrictions on gun ownership, 45 percent say there should be greater gender equality, and 42 percent say there should be more clarity on privacy rights and data privacy protections.

It’s quite embarrassing that Americans live in fear and that they are afraid that their rights might be taken away in 2018, no? It should be one nation under love and not one under panic, ya digg.

You can peep James Madison’s Montpelier complete study here. Learn something, bro!