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Neo Yokio is the most lit anime show on Netflix for smacked New Yorkers

If you are interested in old money fuckboys, Cartier watches, and Margiela field hockey booties then Neo Yokio is the anime show for you.

The first season only has six episodes at around 20 minutes each on Netflix. It’s pretty easy to neck the whole season in two hours, but don’t let its brevity fool you.

Created by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig, Neo Yokio serves to be a delightful animated look into a demon-infested alternate New York universe.

A very interesting plot indeed. Demons take form of Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God and a Chanel suit. If you are from NY you’ll be able to relate the most. Views of the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums make sure you know exactly where you are.

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What blew me back the most? Part of Neo Yokio was underwater. I thought it could be a quick jab at the topic of global warming as parts of NYC are below sea level. Seeing the tops of the Twin Towers depicted in that fashion was pretty insane.

The innuendos referring to NYC culture and lifestyle will keep your ears peeled and eyes glued to the screen while you wait to see how high class society is shit on next.

Neo Yokio is lit. Jaden Smith voices main character Kaz a ‘magistocrat’ whose family makes bread from exorcising the wealthy. A pretty cool profession if you ask me.

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Kaz might low key be the most melancholy character I’ve ever seen. But he finds happiness in fashion. Kaz’s wardrobe is always fresh.

Homie shops for clothes with a blindfold on selecting only the finest of threads.

His friends Gottlieb and Lexy, who are played by Desus and Mero, add comical relief. The two constantly discuss the importance of being the flyest guy in NYC and help flame any of Kaz’s enemies.

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Yeah Kaz has an arch-nemesis who’s an “old money fuckboy” named Archangelo. The two bicker over who’s the most eligible bachelor in Neo Yokio. A silly thing to fight over but it’s entertaining to see them roast on each other.

It’s Kaz’s Aunt Agatha, voiced by Susan Sarandon, that makes sure he stays on track. The two focus on keeping their magistocrat business on lock. They have the scrilla, Agatha always pulls up on Kaz in the Phantom.

Besides the swag wars and keeping busy exorcising demons, Kaz has a machine butler which is pretty cool. The devoted robot butler Charles, voiced by Jude Law, serves as flying whip and a wise friend. Charles makes for a really dope sidekick.

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Neo Yokio is definitely a show worth paying attention to, especially if you’re smacked and from NYC. Hopefully Netflix green lights a second season.

Would really suck if they didn’t. This is the type of content the world needs!