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NBA Insider CountOnVic Proves There’s More to Sports Media for Women


Vic Jacobi, an NBA insider known as CountOnVic, is making quite a name for herself. In a field thought to be dominated by men, she’s proving that there is more to sports media for women looking to tap into the giant industry.

So what exactly does she do? A little bit of everything. She connects the dots, consults brands, assists in athlete relations, curates content for SLAM and Franchise magazines, the list goes on.

Her love for the game of basketball allows her to navigate the multiple moving parts of the sports and media industries and piece them together.

There’s more to sports for women in media

Making her way over a giant ocean, at 13, by way of Israel, she climbed the social media totem pole, and each step she took elevated her to a new level.

At a young age, CountOnVic recognized her value and used the knowledge she gained throughout her sports media career as her momentum. At Buscemi, our host Savannah Hart asked the NBA insider how she’s fostered the valuable relationships she has today:

“I did a lot for free. It’s a good reputation to have. But you have to learn, along the way, that you have to start asking for things,” said Vic.

“My value is my network…”

– NBA Insider Vic Jacobi, @countonvic

NBA Insider CountOnVic getting the scoop from Ben Simmons

Humility and a willingness to learn have helped her get to where she is today. Solidifying her status as a woman in the sports media industry, thus far in her career, she’s worked with numerous brands and athletes.

From exclusive drops with Footlocker to Converse and collaborations with Trae Young and Dwayne Wayde, CountOnVic’s mindset continues to break barriers within the sports industry for aspiring creatives and women in media overall.

CountOnVic sets the tone for women in sports media

Vic’s advice for women and youth looking to tap into the sports media industry:

“It’s all about the networking. In the sense, that you have to make people remember you. It’s the facetime. It’s actually talking to people. I always say shoot your shot… Just go for it. Don’t be afraid to ask. “

– Vic Jacobi. @countonvic

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