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Music producer Satin Sage tells PHLOTE how he defined his own journey

On Monday, September 20, our team had the pleasure of inviting self-made music producer Satin Sage to the PHLOTE stage on to discuss his journey as an artist and his contributions to the genre of Lofi Hip-Hop and Future Funk.

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He told us more about his recent projects, the journey to becoming the artist he is today, and what he has coming up.

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Creative journey as a music producer

Satin Sage began his creative journey around the age of 19, beginning with learning the basics of FL Studio – the same program that is credited for Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” and Kanye’s “Flashing Lights”. His time experimenting with the software involved working with a myriad of genres from dubstep to grime to pop music.

He cites producers such as Han Solo and Lido to illustrate the point that all artists take years to grow into their sound, and he himself was no exception.

Around seven years into the growth of his music career, Sage says,

“I’m just now coming into the music I wanna put out there. I desire to make funk. There’s no resistance holding me back.”

– Satin Sage

Who is Satin Sage?

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We asked the music producer to share a little more about the origin of the moniker that he feels accurately describes his artistry as a whole.

He says that he resonates with the word “sage” as the true act of being a sage is a process that involves constantly growing and learning – “all art and much of life, in general, is constantly something that you don’t know and if you’re wise you’d want to learn more about it…the cycle repeats over and over again so you constantly see what you don’t know and it keeps opening up more and more.”

The word “satin” came about as he searched for satin pillowcases for the material’s protective quality towards hair. He happened to come across some pillowcases that displayed the words “satin sage” and it clicked for him immediately, as satin has the potential to be transformed into an extravagant piece of art.

Advice for young creatives

When it comes to sharing advice, Sage has some gems for young creatives that are in the same position as he once was. Above all else, he stresses to be honest with yourself:

“A lot of times we strive for success as opposed to fulfillment and the only way to be fulfilled in the things you’re doing is if you just be honest with yourself.”

– Satin Sage

According to Sage, you should always give yourself the room to create what may deviate far from the art that inspired you in the first place. Avoid only measuring success in terms of milestones such as playing big festivals or having your music available on certain platforms – do what you love, and the fulfillment will guarantee a sense of success.

Run, Run, Run, Digital Girl, and Ain’t Stopping Me

Sage never planned on using samples in his music until he discovered that one of his biggest influences, Kaytranada, has proudly never made anything from scratch – he simply makes every project his own.

When his dad introduced him to the upbeat side of Roy Ayers’ music, he knew he had to sample and flip his album into what we now know as the track Run, Run, Run. The Lofi/Future Funk song is available for streaming on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Some time after the music producer became comfortable with sampling and gained the confidence in his skillset, he came out with Digital Girl – a remix of the classic Jamie Foxx hit – which is his absolute favorite track he’s ever put out.

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Creating the track allowed him to be honest with himself and what he wanted to pursue – he recalls staying up until 3 am working on the track while he had to wake up for work the next day.

Ain’t Stopping Me, a project consisting of lofi beats and dance music was made by Sage in quarantine as what he says was an “exercise of being in the music industry.”

The title came from a bold lyric within the project that he believed encapsulated its spirit: “that C-O-V-I-D ain’t stopping me.” Sage’s creative process was cemented through the creation of this project: finding a sample, making the drums, the bass, the chords, and the arrangement.

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What’s next for Satin Sage?

Satin Sage has much left in store for us in the near future, including a new clothing brand in the works!

One of the designs he’s most excited for features the statement “I’d rather create” – a tribute to the fact that he’d always gravitated towards the more creative path in life – along with a bible verse that represents the profound phrase “all anyone wants to do is enjoy while they toil.”

We can expect the brand to be out sometime before thanksgiving. In terms of music, Sage says “I enjoy DJing but I don’t enjoy being a DJ” – he tells us that his biggest goal is to compose a set that consists of 100% his own music.

Above all else, Satin Sage hopes to be recognized as what he truly is and has grown throughout these years to be – a creative.

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