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Music duo WESLEE shares how they stay on their grind

You probably know WESLEE from their numerous hits, Something ‘Bout You, Bathwater, Venus and Sweat Dreams.

The dynamic duo comprised of singer Emma DD and producer Josh Grant, have been on their grind for some time now. I had to talk to them about their music, art, and their latest release “Peaches.”

Emma and Josh met while doing sessions for other people. It can be difficult to find people you vibe with on a personal level.

It can feel impossible at times, especially when it comes to your passion. But when it happens it can be the perfect combo for amazing music.

“It wasn’t ever like a conversation or a decision we have just been making music together since.”

But every situation has its downsides. Emma calls London home and Josh, originally from Kanses is in L.A. I asked them how they manage to work together while being an ocean away.

“I think the hardest part about not being in the same place is that the spur of the moment ideas don’t happen as often.”

Weslee continued,

“We’ve never done the send a track and sing on top sorta thing. We need to be in the same room. So, having not lived in the same place makes that hard but that’s all about to change this year.”

Since the long-distance music-making will be coming to an end, we’re sure to be getting more fire bops from the duo. When I asked WESLEE what we should expect in 2020, their response was clear.

“2020 is about to be lit.”

Until then, we have “Peaches” to bump. The song reminds Emma of a sweeter time. She told me about the song’s origins.

“I had the title sitting in my notes for ages and was just waiting for the right time, and was probably just thinking about when times were sweeter and it all made sense.”

Creativity can strike at any moment. And WESLEE’s music videos and visuals are uniquely creative and immediately recognizable with their colorful and funky style. I asked them how they come up with their music videos and lyric videos.


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“Honestly, it just depends! Some songs the visuals came hand in hand! Other times the idea might just hit you whenever like when eating cereal in the morn (how we came up with “something bout you” video)”

WESLEE has been killing it in the R&B world for a while. I asked the duo what advice they have for emerging artists looking to break into the music industry.

“Surround yourself with good people and good vibes, and listen to those people and yourself.”

So what’s next for WESLEE? The answer is simple,

“music, music, music, more music.”