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More than just a rapper: Why the grind never stops for PnB Rock while on tour

For the entirety of PnB Rock’s Catch These Vibes tour, the Philadelphia artist has managed to blow the roof off every stage.

PnB has sold out multiple shows in the week since his CTV tour started and has similar plans for the rest.

The grind isn’t stopping anytime soon for the Philly native who just set off on a massive nationwide tour, hitting the biggest cities around the country.

The hustle and dedication Rock has showed throughout the entire process has been crazy, the energy in the crowd is palpable, with both artist and audience feeding off of each other. And the thing is… The show never stops for him.

PnB is taking his art on the road with him with a fully functioning recording studio onboard his tour bus.

Going city to city, coast to coast, trying to spread that unique sound while producing his own beats, surrounded by his entire team is a pretty intense undertaking – even just to keep focused. But Rock manages to make it look easy.

There’s nothing stopping his vision to be the best at what he does and now that his life completely switched up from rags to riches, he won’t hesitate to let you know either.

IDK Why ppl hate on me… Maybe it’s because i went from bein homeless, to now residing at two different homes 🏡…. maybe it’s because i went from nothing! To now owning NOT ONE but THREE businesses that are thriving and growing everyday 🏦…. Maybe it’s because i went from stealin and sharin clothes, to now me drippin in all the latest designer shit 👟…. maybe it’s because i went from scraping up money to hop on the bus, to now everywhere i go it’s in a Foriegn whip 🏎… maybe it’s because i went from starvin everynight, to now eatin at the best restaurants there is to offer…. OR maybe it’s because They just MISERABLE and bitter at heart & ain’t got nothin better to do than sit on they ass and think of hateful shit to say on social media…. Honestly IDK wtf it is but I’m just keep SHININ && GLOWIN on EVERYBODY that ever HATED on Me… OR ever DOUBTED me 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾Fuck em all ! Ima #TrapstarTurntPopstar

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But what makes him that much different from the next artist is his success as an entrepreneur in addition to already being able to body the music game.

He’s bossing up, raking in bread from his own label New Lane Ent., as well as his very own club/bar Galaxy Live. Just peep his IG caption above and you’ll see just how far Rock has come.

All of his businesses are based in Philly, as he gives back to the city that shaped him.

There aren’t many artists that care that much about where they’re from to genuinely want to make hometown money moves like that.

Rock does it all and more, down to making each venue pop as if it were Philly, bringing his team, but moreover family, on the ride of their life.

The PnB experience is one of a kind, and that’s to say the least. The look on the crowd’s face as soon as you hear that distant, “Oh Yeah” is something that really can’t be explained, only felt.

After going to the shows myself, I can unapologetically say that the connection Rock has to his fans is completely natural. And no, not natural like “regular” or “average” – natural like this man was born to do this. He’s a natural entertainer and no one can take that away from him.

From the beautiful melodies in “Selfish” to the hard-hitting bangers like “Horses”, fans are just mesmerized by his stage presence. The shows have been so explosive that by the time the CTV tour is over, everyone’s going to be riding his wave.