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Mogul Talk: Diddy wants to buy the NFL and allow freedom of expression

Diddy has enough money to buy you and your family about four or five times over. It’s no secret that the hip-hop mogul is the richest man in music and deservingly so. Today he’s back in the headlines threatening to buy some shit but this might be a purchase we’ll all benefit from.

Last night Diddy quote-tweeted “Facts” on a tweet made by Keith Boykin which said “Black players are 70% of the NFL. We have the power to defend Colin Kaepernick and Jemele Hill from the forces that would silence them.”

That statement is pure facts and apparently sparked Puffy’s activist flame as he continued on Twitter to stand against recent NFL drama. For those unaware, there has been controversy surrounding NFL players and their choice to sit out the national anthem. Although originally meant to protest police brutality, Trump made it about disrespecting the flag and since then things have gotten out of hand.

Protest is a part of free speech, which is what makes America great, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t agree. Reports say that Goodell will put rules in place to require players to stand for the anthem.

With the world going mad we look to Diddy to save us. After his “Facts” tweet, he went on to demand the opportunity to buy the NFL, expressing his dreams to own the league Diddy promised a league that endorses freedom of speech.

Peep his tweets below.

And my favorite ending to a Twitter thread ever.

Now obviously the NFL isn’t ‘for sale’ but the message still stands. Instead of playing for people who couldn’t relate to a social struggle if it hit them in the face, Puffy wants to bring the players into an environment of support.

Diddy also took time to big up Eminem for his freestyle last night at the BET Hip-Hop awards. The freestyle was a big (deserving) fuck you aimed at Donald Trump leaving the president ethered.

Maybe Diddy can’t buy the NFL yet, but with more and more people in power coming out against assholes we’ll surely be seeing progress soon.