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Migos’ Takeoff drops fire new track, but OG Parker puts solo rumors to bed

Yesterday, after Takeoff released his first ever solo endeavor, the stripped down “Intruder”, Migos fans were convinced the ATL trio were about to split up and go their separate ways.

Takeoff’s release came off the back of Offset’s “Monday” and Quavo’s “Paper Over Here”, all released on producer OG Parker’s SoundCloud, further fueling the rumors of, if not a break up, at least solo work from each member of the best group in hip-hop right now.

Earlier this month, Travis Scott claimed a collaborative album with Quavo was “coming soon”, and the de facto leader of the group is popping up all over the music industry with features everywhere from Liam Payne (why?) to Mary J. Blige to DJ Khaled to Lil Durk.

So what’s good? XXL reached out to Migos collaborator and producer OG Parker, who posted all three the songs, whether fans should be expecting solo work from Migo Gang.

OG Parker denied any solo goings on and took personal responsibility for the release of the three tracks. From XXL,

“I really just told them I plan on releasing a couple songs on my SoundCloud. That was really just me dropping the solo tracks. That wasn’t their idea or anything.”

Are there plans for solo shit in the future? OG Parker says not to his knowledge,

“I never heard anything about solo projects… I always just hear Migos. All I hear is Migos stuff. They always just talk about Migos.”

As cool as these little solo songs are, that Migos are not stressing to do solo shit is reassuring, at least to me.

Especially coming off the release of Culture, why would Offest, Takeoff, and Quavo want to jet off in their own directions? I mean, dudes are literally family, “Bad and Boujee” is certified platinum, and their music is debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts to universal acclaim.

But because of Quavo’s apparent start power, certain outlets and fans are pushing for solo work from the Migos.

It might be cool to hear some solo projects at some point from Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset, but they have so much more to accomplish together!

Some are convinced that it’s all just a conspiracy to break up the new Beatles.

I’ve gotta be honest, I was just happy to see Takeoff out here doing his own thing, getting some shine.

For me, I’m glad the Migos are staying together, I think they perfectly compliment each other and can truly take over this rap shit as a group.

Why go solo?