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Migos didn’t blow us away with ‘Culture 2’, but they ain’t going anywhere

Unless you are an undeniable legend like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, or Eminem, it is hard to become a household name just for your music.

I mean think about it for a second. How many artists do you know that get love in every household in the United States regardless of race?

These days it’s hard to deny the influence that the Migos has had on the culture in the past few years. Since blowing up on to the scene, they’ve started plenty of the trends from flows to the dab, but now they’re in unfamiliar territory.

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While the reviews of their latest album haven’t been extraordinary (some critics are calling it a “data dump“), there is a silver lining for the Migo gang.

Culture II may not be sonically different from any other Migos project before, but it definitely sets up Takeoff’s solo career to finally get poppin’. Deemed the most lyrical of the group, Takeoff shines brightest on “Notice Me”, blazing the track with his unique triplet flow.

All three members had their space to glow and are prepping their audience of how they’re coming in 2018. If one thing’s for certain, the three-headed dragon draped in Versace and dripping in diamonds we call Migos isn’t splitting up anytime soon.

Recently, hip-hop’s hottest trio stopped by Big Boy’s radio-station to discuss Culture II. During a recent interview at “Big Boy’s Neighborhood”, Migos’ Offset ruffled some feathers by making some bold claims saying, they’re the best group ever in any genre.

Yes… you read that right, not even the biggest rap group, the biggest GROUP…. EVER! No Beatles, no Hot Boyz, no Wu-Tang Clan, no Outkast, no Pink Floyd, no AC/DC, no Three 6 Mafia, but the Migos ladies & gentleman.

You are probably laughing that statement off in disgust, or shaking your head in disbelief. They may not have a Grammy under their belt, but neither does Tupac Shakur or Biggie, so let’s not write off Migos’ claim as the best group ever just yet.

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The Migos are Atlanta’s hottest artists and they’ve had hip-hop culture on lock down since breaking onto the scene in 2012 with “Bando”

Offset was still in jail and Takeoff and Quavo were rocking “Free Offset” shirts. After having the underground on lock with “Bando”, it was time to capitalize. Fast-forwarding to 2013, Migos knock it out the park with their hit single “Versace”

You would have thought Migos had a sponsorship with “Versace” the way the whole world was mimicking their song. In fact, Migos’ “Versace” made Drake want to hop on their wave.

Through 2014-2016, Migos had the whole globe dabbing along, dropping multiple hits like “Handsome & Wealthy”, “Look At My Dab”, “Fight Night”, and “Pipe It Up”. That’s when we knew Migos would be a staple in the rap game.

When the dust clears, Offset’s statement could be right. In 2017, Migos scored their first number one album with Culture.

It’s February 2018 and most people still can’t get “Bad & Boujee” out of their heads. Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino) Migos’ shoutout at the Golden Globes last year catapulted their mainstream stardom, making Migos more appealing to suburban audiences.

Still to this day, that moment remains a main contributor to their success in capturing a mainstream audience.

Now, they’re even performing on Ellen.

They’ve been in the game for six years, and their audience is growing with them. As trendsetters their momentum will continue to steamroll forward. And don’t think that they’ve gone pop either. Quavo is out here robbing fools and they’re still very much with the shits.

If you are expecting the Migos momentum to slow up, think again.

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As their music matures so will the artists they work with. Migos still have unreleased flames with Kanye West that music fiends have been itching for. Takeoff and Lil Yachty (Lil Boat!) are also looking to bless our ears with a collab project in the near future.

They could be the legends our grandchildren will talk about when it comes to hip-hop and music in general as Migos continue to develop new trends and sounds.

So if you want to hate, hate while you can. There is still the time to do it, it’s just running out. Quickly.