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Metaxy Unleashes Its First-Ever NFT Chest Sale

Metaxy (MXY), one of the hottest, wackiest newbies in the NFT gaming arena, has announced the launch of its NFT Chest Sale, available for purchase on February 8 & 9, 2022, exclusively on Mirana Marketplace.

The NFT game industry is undoubtedly expanding fast with numerous aspiring newcomers ramping up every day.

One of which, Metaxy – a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT fighting game – has recently reaped its initial success with its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on January 17-19, taking place on four launchpads: GameStation, KoiStarter, DAOLaunch, and BinStarter.

The Metaxy IDO has hit remarkable numbers with 6,666,666 $MXY gone after 5 minutes in the FCFS pool on GameStation and a total of 23,333,333 $MXY sold out on KoiStarter, DAOLaunch, and BinStarter all at a record time.

As Metaxy riveted the attention of NFT enthusiasts and the GameFi community rapidly after its impressive IDO launch, the NFT game project continues to get users hyped up with its next big move, especially the Staking feature with APR up to 75% to maximize the benefits of $MXY holders.

Metaxy has also recently announced the launch of Metaxy NFT Chest Sale in which the main event will take place on February 8 & 9, 2022 while the

Whitelist registration occurs from January 25 to February 5, 2022. Notably, this is the long-awaited Initial NFT Offering (INO) where Metaxy can finally showcase its top-notch graphics and anime-style experiences to prepare the audience for the Game MVP Release with gripping story plots and unique space, cyberpunk-inspired metaverse concept.

Being one of the most exciting events amidst the concurrent NFT gaming craze, Metaxy NFT Chest Sale can surely keep players on the edge of their seats.

Metaxy offers 1,600 Starter Chests and 1,120 Deluxe Chests which include 3,175 Common Cards, 6,375 Epic Cards, and 1,330 Legend Cards, making it a total of 10,880 NFTs on sale in the Metaxy NFT Chest Sale. The details are as follows:

Starter Chest: 145 BUSD

Starter Chest contains four random cards which offer either Common (49.61%), Epic (46.12%), and Legend (4.27%) rarity.

Deluxe Chest: 285 BUSD

Deluxe Chest contains four random cards which offer either Epic (76.41%), and Legend (23.59%) rarity. 

*The Starter and Deluxe Chest will be openable after purchasing with functionality becoming available in-game upon the Game MVP release.

So how can users participate in the Metaxy NFT Chest Sale?

The Metaxy NFT Chest Sale on Mirana Marketplace is a special occasion where avid collectors can summon cards of Metaxy superheroes by buying chests of NFT collectibles at a very attractive price. Take a look at some information about the event below.

Whitelist Timeline:

  • Whitelist Opening: January 25, 2022, 1 PM UTC
  • Whitelist Closing: February 5, 2022, 1 PM UTC

Chest sale Timeline: 

Round 1:

Private Pool:

  • Exclusively applied for $MXY and $CTR stakers. 
  • Numbers of Whitelist Winners 100 winners, which include:
  • Top 70 people who stake the highest amount of $MXY tokens on 60 or 120 days pool. Stake HERE
  • Top 30 people who stake the highest amount of $CTR tokens on 90 or 180 days pool. Stake HERE
  • Maximum amount of chest can purchase: 5 chests (3 common chests; 2 deluxe chests) 

Community Pool

  • Applied for: 200 lucky whitelist winners with lottery-based.
  • Maximum amount of chest can purchase: 4 chests (4 common chests; 2 deluxe chests) 

Round 2: The remaining chests after Round 1 end will be moved on to Round 2 which is open for all whitelist registers. 

  • Maximum amount of chest can purchase: 3 chests (2 common chests; 1 deluxe chests) 

For more detailed instructions on how to apply for the Whitelist of Metaxy NFT Chest Sale, please refer to Metaxy’s Chest Sale: Whitelist Registration Guideline.

Take a look at the most diverse collection of anime-inspired Metaxy characters here: 

These NFT cards have superb artistic quality and outstanding in-game skills that would certainly make them highly-priced when trading on Mirana Marketplace. If players miss the sales, they can still buy on Mirana Marketplace but good deals are not guaranteed.

The launch of the NFT Chest Sale is the most recent transcendent milestone in Metaxy’s roadmap.

As NFT participants become more and more interested in projects with varied and diverse utilities, NFT projects with ecological attributes such as Metaxy are stepping into the spotlight with a huge NFT wealth effect that will inevitably attract attention with “small investment, big return” premises.

Metaxy is poised to raise its number of unique active users and traffic with its network’s growing popularity and gamified distribution mechanism, which combines the conventional gaming designs and advanced blockchain technology and divided NFT cards according to their rarity and value.

For more information about Metaxy, please visit Metaxy’s official website and channels: