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Men are stepping up with #IHearYou in response to women’s #MeToo

Forgetting something that has affected you emotionally is not as easy as it seems.

Being able to discuss these issues is possibly the best way to deal with your emotional or physical trauma.

Sexual harassment and assault is affecting women every day. The struggle is real, as those affected are taking to social media to voice their grim stories. The hashtag that’s rallying victims everywhere, #MeToo.

The hashtag is a movement. Women (and men) are coming out and revealing the dreadful and disgusting acts that have been done unto them. While people are unifying behind the hashtag, it’s also shedding light onto the magnitude of the issue.

Some form of sexual harassment or assault is happening every day and it’s important that we understand the gravity of it. The matter of status doesn’t matter either, as actresses and actors have voiced their experiences with sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood.

In lieu of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault accusations, Actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter with the rallying hashtag opening the floor for a much-needed discussion.


Although Milano rekindled the fire, the act of saying “MeToo” was started by activist Tarana Burke 10 years ago.

According to CNN, the movement began in order to help young women of color who had survived sexual abuse, assault, and exploitation.

Burke told CNN how the movement has taken on a life of its own,

“On one side, it’s a bold declarative statement that ‘I’m not ashamed’ and ‘I’m not alone.’ On the other side, it’s a statement from survivor to survivor that says ‘I see you, I hear you, I understand you and I’m here for you or I get it.”

Burke continued,

“It started with young people and I quickly realized adults needed it too.  When you experience trauma and meet other people that have a similar experience, and you show empathy for each other, it creates a bond.”

#MeToo is truly a beautiful and empowering crusade

To victims everywhere, the cry to liberate your emotional trauma does not fall on deaf ears. In response to women’s revealing stories, men are responding in support with the hashtag #IHEARYOU.

The IHEARYOU hashtag is calling for men to break their silence and become an ally in the war on sexual assault. The one outcome we don’t want from the #MeToo campaign is for it to just come and go.

This shall not pass without some form of resolve. It’s important for both genders to band together.

Hearing these stories put us in the shoes of the victims of sexual harassment and assault but there needs to be a call to action. #HOWIWILLCHANGE is taking Twitter by storm and people are expressing how they will support these survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

Let’s get it! This is a revolution.


If you see something, say something homie

Think about your daughters, wives, mothers, and women everywhere

Teach your sons how to respect women


Hopefully, these hashtag movements won’t go unheard or be forgotten. When a group of people comes together to discuss an issue, obviously something is wrong.

Let’s all make a change for the better.