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Meet Trick James: The Iowa rapper keeping it real on his new album, ‘Sucker 4 Love’

Iowa rapper Trick James is here, to tell the truth. His new album, Sucker 4 Love, is a powerful peek behind the curtain into the 21-year-old’s life and emotional state.

We got the chance to catch up with James about his new album, why he makes music, and more.

While listening to the album, you can hear the rapper’s emotional pain right off the bat. It’s rare for a rapper to speak so candidly about depression the way that Trick James does. On Sucker 4 Love he uses music as an outlet to speak about what he’s feeling.

When I say really deep and depressing things on my songs I really mean it. So, technically I use my music to cry out for help. I know something’s not right with me and turning some of my most depressive thoughts into lyrics is the only way I can get people to listen.


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Getting people to listen through his music has clearly become a way for Trick James to connect with his audience. Starting his music career in high school, he had trouble trying to figure out what kind of artist he wanted to be.

He started out rapping about violence, guns, and drugs because it was the “easy” thing to do. However, when putting together his first mixtape, he tried to take his own life because of an ex-girlfriend. While in the hospital he penned the song “Suicide Letter” and it happened to be the one song that people really connected with.

For his next project Nightmare Hills, his manager pressured him to include similar tracks. Although he was hesitant at first, he ended up writing and recording “Suicide Letter 2” for the next album.

When I finished up my album my engineer begged me to write another suicide letter. I knew if I released another song like that people would never look at me the same but I decided to lock myself in the studio and write Suicide Letter 2… [which] is now still at 1.4 million streams. So I decided to make more serious music about my life and leave everything else behind. That’s why I made Sucker 4 Love

Sucker 4 Love is an extremely ambitious project and a huge leap forward for James. Tracks like “Dream Girl,” “Suckers Anthem,” and “Suicide Letter 3” are full of lyrics about depression and suicidal thoughts.

James is really just being his truest self on this album. He understands that being yourself is the best thing an artist can do.

I hate that kids wanna be so hard. I wish people would just be normal. You don’t gotta act like your favorite rapper, just be yourself.

James goes on to offer more advice about being yourself:

If you like rock music, listen to rock music. If you like going to school, go to school. If you don’t wanna go to jail, don’t do stupid shit. If you don’t got hella money, don’t buy designer brands. Be yourself.

Being himself has clearly allowed Trick James to benefit artistically. His fan base, monthly listeners, and streamers all continue to grow. 

Trick James’ music has inspired those out there who might feel alone in their depression or sad thoughts. It lets them know that they’re not alone in their struggles.

It’s even allowed those close to the rapper to be more open about how they’re feeling.

Growing up in my neighborhood all my friends never showed their emotions. Everybody wanted to be hard and f*ck the most girls. When I first started music I was making music for those people so I assumed those people wouldn’t connect with songs about depression and suicide. I was wrong because those same people ask me for advice about depression now.

Sucker 4 Love is a testament to how great art can be when it comes from an artist’s heart.

Trick James is just getting started and plans to release more music soon. It’s sure to be fire and further cement him as one of the hottest up and coming rappers in the game right now.

Listen to Trick James’ new album Sucker 4 Love  on Spotify: