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Meet the women ‘CannaPreneurs’ pushing the marijuana industry forward

The multi-billion dollar marijuana industry is finally booming. As a proud supporter and advocate, I’m very happy to see the progression that weed has made in the United States.

More importantly, as more states began legalizing weed, the corporate world of cannabis is opening new doors, and it appears to be a serious lure for women.

When it comes to bud, boss b*tches are occupying more corporate seats than any other business sector in the United States. The Atlantic reports that 36 percent of women are currently taking up executive roles while top-level women in other businesses stand at only 22 percent.

Side note: Funnily enough, men are still more likely to smoke than women, even though weed has been proven to have more positive effects on females, improving everything from your mood to your sex life.

To help highlight the benefits that weed has on women, these marijuana moguls have been impactful models in the recent marijuana industry, working hard towards a friendlier cannabis culture.

Whoopi Goldberg & Maya Synergy

Vanity Fair

Talk about a team.

Award-winning actress, comedian, and author Whoopi Goldberg found her place in the marijuana industry by partnering up with with Maya Elisabeth, founder of Om Edibles, powerful “canna-businesswoman” and 7-time High Times Cannabis Cup award winner.

The View co-host shared with Vanity Fair that she started working on a line of marijuana based merch when she noticed her grown granddaughters were still complaining of menstrual cramps. With a goal to cure this atrocity, she sought out the creation of a product that would help relieve women of menstrual pain.

The line of products has been successful in helping soothe symptoms of various menstrual-related pains, including endometriosis, a little-understood disorder that affects more than 200,000 women a year.

According to Rolling Stone, their products are only available for sale in California dispensaries as of right now, but as we work towards making the USA more marijuana friendly, we can hope they soon become available everywhere.

Jazmin Hupp & Jane West


Genius Entrepreneurs” Jazmin Hupp and Jane West founded Women Grow, an accelerator program that holds community building events to help women take lead in the marijuana industry.

Ms. Hupp spends 35 weeks out of the year out on the road, attending cannabis events and educating women about the potential business opportunities in the marijuana industry.

Ms. West runs her eponymous company, Jane West, where she dedicates her time developing accessories and products that encourage women to try out the cannabis lifestyle.

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

A master herbalist, this naturopath has been involved in the marijuana industry since 2006. Dr. Jenkins is the founder and CEO of The Kiona T Jenkins Foundation of Natural Health, a nonprofit organization that focuses on holistic healing and “bridging the gap” between western and alternative medicine.

Dr. Jenkins has helped write the legalization laws in California, and even has the magic ability to select a specific strain to treat whatever ails you.

On Complex’s list, 15 Most Powerful Women in the Weed Industry, Dr. Jenkins is ranked number one, having made some serious moves in the cannabis industry.

Charlo Greene

You probably remember her from the “Fuck it, I quit.” video back in 2014, where Greene announced her resignation from her job as a news reporter for KTVA Alaska while on air.

At the time, Greene was working for the Alaska Cannabis Club in attempts to make weed more readily available for patients who needed it most.

Since then, Charlo has succeeded in doing what she wanted to do: She brought legalized marijuana to Alaska, making it more readily available for people who need it most. Alaskan government officials have charged Greene with 10 felonies and 4 misdemeanors, resulting in what could be a 54 year prison sentence.

But that hasn’t stopped Charlo from doing what she feels she needs to do. Since her resignation, she has starred in The Weed Show with Charlo Greene, launched a beauty line and continues to show her support for the cannabis community through various organizations.

According to The Guardian, the sentencing process for Greene is complicated,

“As a result of her activism and Alaska’s objections thereof, Greene must now spend a whopping amount of her working life trying to demonstrate the many benefits of cannabis reform for any potential jurors that may be watching, as well as the world at large.”

Hopefully, with the right legal representation, Greene’s team can ensure that the ganja advocate is reprieved of all ridiculous charges and sentences.

We support & love you for all you do, girl!

Cheryl Shuman

Labeled “The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills” by The New York Times, Ms. Shuman has worked hard to promote marijuana products, and helped launch over 1,700 cannabis businesses over the past 20 years.

Also called “The Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” Shuman has partnered with her daughter, Aimee Shuman as the CEO and Founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, first opened in 1996.

The club has since “served as the definitive authority on connoisseurship for discerning cannabis consumers,” according to their website. Showcasing the most prestigious cannabis brands, the club is said to give members, “Insight into a range of subjects, which include 420 travel, politics, women and children issues, fashion, state of the art vaporizers, and much more.”

Shuman has continued to show her support for the marijuana industry, and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

If you’re a woman and considering the cannabis industry as a career path, you’re heading in the right direction.

Hopefully, we’ll continue to see wonderful changes both in the world of business and cannabis rights.